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Pilates is everywhere these days. I feel like everyday DIML video I watch has a Pilates class in it somewhere, with an adorable outfit and cutie grip socks to match. Besides being so aesthetic, Pilates is said to be a great form of exercise. It’s strengthening and challenging, but relaxing at the same time. So, I decided to give it a shot.

I signed up for the two week trial for $50 at Btone Fitness in Waltham. It’s only a five minute drive from Bentley; you could probably walk there (though I know my legs couldn’t handle it after a workout). When I got there, the instructor was super welcoming and made sure to give me a demo of the machine before class started. The studio was so pretty and clean; there was great natural lighting and cute pops of blue decor against the white walls.

Each class is 45 minutes with no breaks, so expect to be sweating the whole time. Btone only offers one beginner class on Saturdays, so I really had to jump right in. Jumping in at full speed is a little difficult because you don’t know any of the lingo or moves, but my saving grace was looking at the people next to me. With having them as examples and the instructor explaining the moves, I got most of the basic moves down. There is a heavy emphasis on core work, but most classes you hit every body part at least once so it’s a great full body workout. Depending on the move and how strong that area of the body is, you can always make the weight lighter or heavier to make the workout more comfortable to you.

Overall, I loved Btone. Though I was sweating and shaking the entire workout, it was a great challenge that left me feeling better and excited to go back. All of the instructors I have taken have been so sweet and helpful, as well as everyone who takes the classes. Challenging but calming, Pilates is a great workout, especially as a supplement to strength training and weightlifting. I loved the two week trial and I now have a 2x week membership with Btone (P.S. They have a student discount!).

Serena Longo

Bentley '24

Hi! My name is Serena and I am a sophomore at Bentley University. I like to write about makeup, food and fashion. Outside of writing, I love to shop, read, go out with friends, and teach dance!