Best Care Packages

With the days starting to get shorter and classes building in intensity, what most Bentley students could really use right now is a care package from home! Care packages don’t have to be expensive, and what they really show is that someone is thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Whether the care package is from your parents, your grandparents, your aunt or uncle, or that other special someone in your life, receiving a gift in the mail will definitely brighten your day! If you’re a student, here are some things you probably are hoping to get in a care package (maybe consider sending them to a friend at another school). If you’re a parent reading this: take note!



Every college student’s dream care package definitely includes snacks of some kind! Whether it’s goldfish, Oreos, chocolate, or something homemade, it’s hard to go wrong with food! Just make sure the person you are sending these snacks to doesn’t have any allergies.


School supplies:

Not as fun to receive as the food, but something college students need nonetheless. 



Slip a twenty in the package somewhere so that your favorite college student can treat him or herself to something special!


Hand sanitizer:

Winter is on the way…here come the germs! Small hand sanitizers that attach to backpacks are preferred.


Chapstick, lotion, shampoo/conditioner, or other personal care items:

College students sometimes forget to take care of themselves…send them a nice little reminder.


Play Doh:

Something like Play Doh to help alleviate stress is always appreciated. Also, wrapping all the goodies up in bubble wrap is a great way to ensure safe delivery while increasing the enjoyment of the care package! Popping bubble wrap = college stress gone!


Fuzzy socks/slippers:

A college girl’s dream come true! (Maybe skip this one for the guys)


A gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts:

Because coffee is a necessity!


The most important thing - a message:

What really makes a care package special is the note inside! Enclose a joke or story to make the day a little brighter, and be sure to tell your gift recipient how much he or she means to you!


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