9 of the BEST YouTube Workout Channels

Welcome back to my fitness and wellness blog! I’ve recently been obsessing over YouTube workout channels because they are free and easy to do anywhere, even your dorm room. Here’s a list of 9 of the best channels that I have found:

1.    BeFiT: Top fitness trainers offer the best workouts for everyone. A new workout is available every single weekday in addition to a 90 day workout system and a 30 day system.


2.    Blogilates: The host of this channel, Cassey, has an enthusiasm so infectious, that you'll want to workout for hours! She offers a wide range of fun and colorful videos which promise to get you fit while having fun!


3.    The Daily Hiit: This channel makes shorter videos so even the busiest of people can’t make excuses. Workouts are updated daily and viewers have the option to customize their workouts to fit their personal body goals.


4.    FitnessBlender: This husband and wife duo offer simplicity and friendliness and take the pressure off of working out. These easy to follow workouts vary in terms of fitness level and difficulty, offering something for everyone.


5.    Amanda Russell: Amanda offers the perfect Spring/Summer workouts to get into that bikini ready shape. She focuses on getting fit and staying healthy. Uploading a video a week she offers both fitness and nutrition advice.