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The 20 Thoughts You Have During a Fitness Class

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

1. This is gonna be so fun!

2. I haven’t exercised in a while…

3. These moves are so easy, when does this get hard?

4. Oh cool, I’m starting to feel it.

5. Really starting to feel it…

6. How long has it been? Oh, God, it’s only been 8 minutes?!

7. *Looks around room* OMG, all these people are so fit!

8. How do they have time to workout? I barely have time to shove a granola bar in my face before class.

9. So this is why I can’t make it up the steps without passing out.

10. 30 more minutes, you can do this!

11. I can’t do this.

12. Oh, thank God. A small water break.

13. My legs are jelly. Please send help.14. Am I gonna pass out or vomit right now?

15. I need to workout more.

16. Why is time moving so slowly? Am I in a time warp? #conspiracytheory

17. I am so drained.

18. *Fitness class ends* *Lays down and dies on yoga mat*

19. It’s only Monday, how am I gonna get up the steps for the rest of the week now?

20. I deserve a cookie.


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