Pre-Holiday Homesickness? We've got you covered.

Everyone always talks about flu season approaching, but there’s a vaccination for that. Is there a shot for pre-holiday break blues? If you’ve been feeling homesick lately, you’re not alone. Midterms just passed, and finals are what’s lingering between you and family time. Even though you may not be able to physically go home yet, you can bring some coziness with you wherever you go.  Some tips:

  1. Call or FaceTime your family, or your best friend, or someone who reminds you of home. Hearing or seeing your loved ones will allow you to pick up where you left off, and catch up on how things are going while you’re away.
  2. Make a meal that reminds you of where you’re from. I’m from the Midwest, so casseroles mean everything (honestly, I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t think about casserole). Food is a form of love and healing! Look around on Pinterest, ask your grandma for her favorite recipe … the options are endless, and will bring you nostalgic comforts (and maybe some tasty leftovers.)
  3. Go through old pictures. Some may not think it is good to dwell, but sometimes dwelling in moderation can help with homesickness. Remembering good times can remind you that good times will come again, even if you’re kind of in a rut.
  4. Buy something that sports your favorite state. I feel like I always see shirts that have state outlines on them—a unique alternative may be something like the Homesick Candle, a company that crafts custom scents for different states and cities based on the natural elements around. For example, one element of Missouri’s candle is the smell of a dogwood tree.     
  5. Write a letter to someone from home and send it to them! Snail mail is a great option to let others know you’re thinking of them, and a great way for you to write down what you’ve been feeling or accomplishing while you’ve been at school. Maybe by making it tangible, it can remind you of how much fun you’ve been having or how much you’ve learned!

If none of these work, you can always make an old-school countdown until you go home. Days go by quicker than you think, and you’ll be getting down to zero in no time! Take care of yourselves.  

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