Best Self Care Tips for a Busy Midterm Season

With temperatures getting cooler, and assignments piling up, midterm season of the fall semester can feel like it is never-ending. From papers, to tests, to random pages homework, it can become easy to feel bogged down and stressed. I am going to be sharing some of my favorite self-care activities and tips to get you through this season. Remember to take time for yourself! Fall break is just around the corner. 

1. Carve out time in your schedule

If you carve out the time in your schedule for your self-care, you will be more likely to do it. Take 30 minutes out of your day to just get yourself away from your normal routine and grab a book, hang out with friends, or take a nap. You will thank yourself for this later!

2. Fresh Air

Open your windows, take a walk outside, or just go sit outside while you are doing homework. Another one of my favorite things to do is put on my favorite scent in my wax melter! I live in a dorm, so I can't have candles, so a wax melter is a perfect substitute! For the fall I love the smell of apples and pumpkins, but the wax melter scents always improve my mood. 

3. Lean on Others

Remember, you aren't going through this season alone, even though it sometimes feels like it. Get together with a friend, get coffee with a mentor, and most importantly, look to Jesus. Dive into the word and pray. Jesus will lift you out of this season and will guide you to all the answers. 

I hope some of this helps if you are stressed or overwhelmed in this midterm season. It gets better, and don't forget to take some time for yourself these next few weeks!