Stages of Running on a Treadmill

It’s getting cold out, so now everyone is flocking indoors to go running. Personally, I hate treadmills. I would rather run a billion hills outside, instead of staring at myself in the mirror while I run on a stationary object. In fact, I don’t actually know anyone who loves running on treadmills. So, for all of you in my same boat, here are some emotions felt while running on treadmills.


When you’re heading to the gym and know that running on a treadmill is in the near future:

When you get to the gym, but find that all of the treadmills are taken:

The look you give when someone obviously doesn’t know the rules, and has been running for over 30 minutes:

You finally hop on a treadmill and think, this isn’t too bad:

But, you quickly realize running really isn’t too fun:

When you look down thinking you’ve been running for 20 minutes, but it’s been 30 seconds:

You make eye contact with yourself and question why you’re even here:

But, you’re done before you know it, and you feel so proud of yourself:

Good luck out there with all of your gym endeavors!