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It’s March.  But, it feels nothing like Spring.  Snow covers the ground and work covers your desk.  Everyone is ready for a break, but we still have over three weeks to go.  But, it is not all bad.  The Mount David Summit is on Friday. Gala is this weekend. And we are on the final stretch of the semester.  So, even though it may not feel like spring outside, we can all to take steps to brighten our days and alleviate the stress hanging in the air.

First, carve out some alone time—not for Netflix or sleeping, although those are also good options.  Instead, pick up a book.  Maybe All the Light We Cannot See or The Mothers. Or make a new playlist.  Be sure to include Léon and The Staves.  If neither of these sounds good to you, call your family or take some time for your favorite hobby.  It is worth it to take some time to stay grounded.

Of course, spring cleaning is also a must.  Wash your sheets!  Including your comforter and your pillowcase.  Sweep or vacuum and clean your dishes (and your water bottle).  Not only will you feel ridiculously productive, you also will help your body stay healthy.  There are very few things worse than getting sick before a dance or during finals.  Taking care of your environment and your body are the easiest and most effective ways of staying on track during the spring.

And as you attempt to fulfill these forms of maintenance and self-care, be sure you try a few new things to keep your daily life interesting.  Study in a new place; make a new commons creation; take a walk off campus; donate old clothes to make room for new ones; join a new club; attend an interesting presentation.  There is too much to do, but it will not all be done today.  Enjoy the beginning of spring—it will only get better from here.



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