Thoughts Everyone Has During Spin Class

Spin class, also known as the high-energy, crazy fast indoor cycling class typically done in a dark room adorned with 40 fancy spinning bikes side-by-side so sweat enthusiasts can cram into a claustrophobic space and sweat for 45 minutes together while furiously pedaling while getting yelled at by a fitness instructor… sounds interesting right? Well, this workout class has been all the rage for quite a few years and is attended and frequented by anyone and everyone. The names SoulCycle, Flywheel, and B/SPOKE may ring a bell, and these popular, intense, and somewhat cult-like classes draw cyclers in for the workout of your life… and keep you coming back time and time again.

As a competitive cross country and track distance runner, biking has always been a means of cross-training or getting in a good cardio workout without putting too much stress on my legs.  I went to my first spin class in my freshman year of high school, and let’s just say that since then, I’ve been hooked. It was my competitive spirit that made me want to work harder than anyone else, but it was also the idea that I was training hard for my seasons without pedaling useless boring minutes away on a stationary bike with no motivation.  I’ve since tried SoulCycle, Flywheel, and recently B/SPOKE. And, I love all of them, no matter how crazy they are. But, there are most definitely some crazy thoughts racing through my head during these classes, as I’m sure many of you can relate… so here are a few thoughts I always have during class.


“Here we go, I can do this, it’s only 45 minutes… right?”


“Gotta place my towel here carefully, god forbid it falls and I have to unclip my spin shoes…”


“Speaking of spin shoes… Oh god, why can’t I clip in… Oh no, what if I look like an amateur… Oh thank goodness, I finally got them both in! Crisis avoided!”


“Okay, now time to start.. First song, just a warm up, nice and easy”


“I can totally do this! I’m a seasoned spinner!”


“Okay, now it gets harder… Uphill? No problem! Turn that resistance up!”


“Wow, didn’t expect my thighs to start burning so soon.. But, no pain, no gain!”


“WHAT?! Only two songs in?!”


“No, no, you can do this! Be tough.”


“Oh, great, now I have to turn the resistance all the way up AND get out of the saddle..? Someone help me!”


“Wow, I’m going to be really sore after this.”


“Speed time! Jumps! Less resistance? YES!”


“Well, this is faster than I remember?”


“How do I do this every week? But how can people do this more than once a day? These instructors are crazy!”


“Arm series time! Less pedaling? Good.”


“O.M.G I’m so weak my arms are burning, they’re going to fall off, I’m in so much pain”


“Wait, the instructor only said two more songs?! I got this”


“Wow, I’m going to be so sore tomorrow”


“Why do I pay money for pain?”


“Do not look at the time… I repeat, DO NOT look at the time.” (Looks anyway) (Sighs dramatically)


“Now’s the time to push hard, LAST SONG LET’S GO!!”


“I’m so strong and fit, look at me!”


“Me and all these pros in here, wow…”


“And….. stretch time…. The best part”


“I can’t believe I made it through! I’m amazing!”


“Wow, I like sweat a lot… yikes”


(Class ends)


(Immediately signs up for next class in a few days)


(Goes and eats all the food :) )  

Happy spinning, fellow cyclers! :)