21 Ways To Beat The Mid-Winter Blues As A College Student

February can be a weird month. Although it only has 28 days, it feels like it can drag out foreverrr. Especially for us college students, where the work is rising and school is officially back to that overwhelming “I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing” phase, February can lead to some dreary feelings.

So while you’re waiting for spring to finally emerge, here are some things that you can do to beat those winter blues:


1. Treat-Yo-Self To Some Pampering

My best friends and I do a “coffee and nails” night every Thursday night (we only have classes M-Th at my school) and it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long week. Gathering in my double dorm room, we fire up the keurig, get out the nail polish, and just talk! It may seem silly but it brings us closer and allows us to vent about whatever has happened during the week.


2. Read a (non-school related) Book

Taking even twenty minutes from your day to do something that doesn’t revolve around school is essential. Picking up your favorite book is the perfect way to do this! I’m currently reading It, by Stephen King.


3. Netflix and Chill  

No, not like that. Either by yourself or with some friends, pick out a movie or a tv show and enjoy some quality screen time.


4. FaceTime or Call With Family  

Being at college can get tough sometimes, especially if your family isn’t close. I’m lucky in that my family only lives 90 minutes away, but I still find myself struck with homesickness every now and then. Whenever I’m feeling particularly lonesome, I like to FaceTime my little sister or one of my parents. Even if you don’t have anything to talk about, listening to my sister tell me about the latest Disney Channel show can make me feel loads better.  


5. Take A Walk  

On the days when it’s not bone-chillingly cold, put on your shoes and take a walk around campus. Not only is it actually kind of pretty in the winter, but it’s a good way to be mindful and take a moment to yourself (not to mention that cardio!). Alternatively, if you have a car on campus, you could go for a drive.  


6. Take An Exercise Class

If your campus offers group classes at the gym like mine does, take advantage of them and attend. Even if you don’t think it’s something that you would normally be interested in, it’s always good to get some physical exercise. Besides, maybe you’ll come to actually like that hot yoga class!


7. Shake It Off  

Channel your inner Taylor Swift and jam out to some music. (Note: Shake It Off is not required but is highly recommended because it’s a lowkey jam and is also punny)  


8. Create Music

Speaking of music, another good way to beat the blues is to embrace them through the magic of music! Whether you play an instrument (I love to play covers on the ukulele) or sing, using your creativity to cover a song is sometimes just what you need to write those sad feelings away.  


9. Journal

You don’t need to be an English major to enjoy journaling. I unfortunately don’t have the time to journal every day, but a couple times a week I like to write about what’s going on, make a collage, or just doodle.


10. Pick Up An Adult Coloring Book  

If you’re someone who needs more structure, or want to get in touch with your artsy side, try a coloring book instead! There are thousands of coloring books everywhere, from online to your local bookstore. And don’t feel silly for this “kid” activity-- art therapy is a thing!  


11. Take A Nap

Honestly, sometimes the reason why I’m so down is because I’M SO DAMN TIRED! College brings about a lot of fun, but unfortunately it doesn’t bring any more time in the day. One of the ways to combat this is to catch some shut-eye. Aim for 20-30 minutes of 90 minutes in order to feel properly rested.


12. Go On A Date-- With Yourself!

Take yourself out to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, or go see that new movie in the theater. Whatever you do, make sure it’s off campus for some much needed change of scenery.


13. Go To A Party

Whether or not you drink, you can still have fun at a party! In fact, there are studies that show that drinking when depressed can actually increase your feeling of negativity. Nevertheless, take the opportunity to get dressed up and go find a party.


14. Attend A School Event  

If you’re looking for something to do, go to an event that the school puts on. There’s always free food and you might actually have some fun!  


15. Go To A Sports Game  

At my school, hockey is the big sport, but whatever sport your school supports, find some time to go to the game! It’s actually pretty fun to go and cheer on your team. (#Go BEAVERS!)


16. Make Your Favorite Snack  

Go to the grocery store and get the ingredients to make your favorite snack! Mine is tostitos and cheese. A little indulgence every now and then isn’t bad.


17. Meditate  

Meditation isn’t for everyone, but you should at least try it once! You don’t have to go to a yoga studio to get in the zone. There are tons of meditation apps that you can use that are designed for shorter times. My favorite is Headspace, but there are a lot of options.  


18. Get a Cuppa-Coffee

My favorite thing in the world is getting a nice cup of coffee, sitting down in a comfy chair, and reading a book. Whether you have a Starbucks or a local coffee shop, the smell of espresso just makes me happy!


19. Hang Out In Your Common Room  

If you can’t bring yourself to go out but still want some company, go hang out in your common room (or your college’s equivalent). At my school, you can’t sit for more than two minutes in the common room without someone else sitting down too. It’s a great way to hang out in a lowkey setting.  


20. Go Shopping  

Get some friends together and go to your local mall, or even a thrift store! Get your shop on!  


21. Invest in a Face Mask

I don’t care HOW masculine you are, face masks are the perfect way to get better skin and relax!