Making The Change: How To Go Vegan In 2019

It's the new year, and I know tons of people will have an “eat healthier” bullet point on their list of resolutions. I will also admit that I am always trying to eat healthier, even if that doesn’t always happen. One change I’ve made over the last few years to improve my health is changing my diet and going Vegan. I know what your thinking— all Vegans eat is plants and other weird health foods, right? Actually, I was surprised when I went Vegan how many options there were to get plant-based protein. Although its important to get your greens daily, veganism isn't all eating salads. There’s so many meat and dairy alternatives that taste just as good if not better than the real thing. For example, I’m currently obsessed with vegan chick’n nuggets-- they're quick to make and pretty delicious. There’s so many healthy things to eat that can be made Vegan or are already Vegan to start with.


If you are thinking of going vegan or even vegetarian, remember that ANY little change makes a huge difference! By going vegetarian or cutting out dairy for even for a week, you're saving water, animals, and making your body happy! Some tips I can give about going Vegan is to start out slow, don’t just cut cold turkey. Ease into it by eating no meat for a week, and then the next week try eating no dairy. Any little change you can make makes a HUGE difference for your health as well as for the environment. 


Over the break, me and my mom took a day trip to Nashville. My mom (bless her) let me plan everywhere we went to eat because of the surprising number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants around the city. So, I made a list of all the places we went to eat and what dish I recommend trying. Hopefully over the next few years, Alabama and specifically Auburn will have more Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants and less people will have to settle for bland veggie burgers and asking for no cheese on all of their meals.


  1. The Wild Cow

        This is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant with delicious food and ingredients grown locally. Items on their menu include salads, sandwiches, wraps, and entree bowls.

         I recommend trying the Vegan Queso and the Buffalo Grinder.

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  1. Graze Nashville

        This restaurant is entirely plant based and serves a range of food from sandwiches to smoothies to cocktails.

        I recommend trying the Loaded Potatoes and the Caesar Wrap.

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  1. Sunflower Cafe

        This is a cute little cafe with a super home-y environment and a homemade feel. It is both vegan and vegetarian— you can substitute real cheese for any vegan cheese if thats your preference.

        I recommend trying the Vegan BBQ Wrap or the Thai Ginger Bowl.

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  1. The Southern V

            This restaurant is a perfect breakfast/brunch location that takes the classic southern breakfast and makes it Vegan. Some of the items on their menu include things like chick’n and biscuits and chick’n and   waffles. They also have delicious lunch menu items.

            I recommend trying the Chick’n Biscuit and the Potato Casserole.

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