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5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Being a Collegiate

We all have heard of the “freshman 15.” As newly minted college students we will only be able to afford ramen noodles, right? This is just simply not the case. Being healthy is very whether you’re 18 or 68 , especially if we want to feel and look our best. Here’s how tostay healthy while being short on time and having a very meager budget!


This may seem like a no brainer for some but walking everywhere is a sure fire way to keep yourself in shape. If you want to go get food or go to classes, walking is your best bet. If you’re worried about the time, just leave about ten minutes earlier than you usually would..

2. Healthy snacks

While perusing around Target, instead of picking up those Hot Cheetos, reach for a container of nuts or a bag of apples instead. If you don’t have the bad stuff laying around, you will be forced to munch on the earthy goodness and hey, you might even like it! But just remember, it’s OK to indulge!(every once in a while of course!)

3. Get enough sleep

You are probably laughing right about now, but this is serious! Not getting enough sleep and not having a regular sleeping schedule can be detrimental to your health. Also, studies have shown that after a sleepless night, you’re more likely to reach for fattier foods, leading to weight gain in the long run.

4. Exercise!

Working out for at least 20 minutes almost every day is a great way to feel your best. Having a stressful week? Run it out! Sweating it out will get you back to feeling like the goddess we all know you are.

5. Forgive yourself

Say you have had a bad day and ate your weight in chocolate chip cookies and haven’t moved for five hours, that’s OK. Do not beat yourself up over those days because we all have them and feeling guilty for it will not help. Accept it , forgive yourself and make tomorrow a better day!


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