A Healthy Mind Helps Fight Nightmares

We’ve all had times when we woke up terrified from a nightmare. Sometimes nightmares are bizarre and leave us baffled, other times they are legitimately paralyzing. There are so many causes of nightmares, but when it comes to the cure it really comes down to having a healthy mind.


We usually have nightmares while we’re in the REM phase of sleep. Though there is no 100% correct answer with why we have nightmares, but there are some theories. Often, what happens to us during the day influences our dreams at night. That is why it is so essential to work on having a healthy mind during your daily activities. It even works the other way around, more restful sleep allows a better mind.

One way to help have a healthier mind is to watch out for overthinking, especially before bed. Sometimes the things that people say and do or what happens to us can really get our minds stuck in a rut. There are many ways to work with yourself if you find you can’t stop thinking about whatever has your head in a whirl. One of the many ways to help reduce ruminating is to stop internalizing problems, blame, and guilt. This includes blaming yourself for things that are out of your control or in the past.

A 2014 University of Montreal study along with a German study found the five most common nightmare themes as falling, being chased, being paralyzed, being late, and death of family or friends. These nightmares can really throw a person off track, and that’s why it’s important to refocus and become more comfortable within your mind. For this many people have found a meditation guide to be helpful.

One great Guide to Meditation discussed paying attention to your breathing and only your breathing while falling asleep or meditating. This can help ease your mind throughout the day, and even help you fall asleep before bed. Another meditation tip for a healthier mind is centering your mind around awareness of your purpose. It is essential that we take time to focus on the present. We are always meditating on the past and the future, but reminding ourselves of what is going on now is what will help put things in perspective.

Worrying leads to inadequate sleep. But writing down your thoughts, meditation, or doing something relaxing before bed can help you have a better night overall. Having a relaxed, quiet mind will ease you into sleep and help your mind. Stress and anxiety can cause nightmares so anything that can reduce their impact is a good way to fight for more peaceful sleep.

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