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7 Black Womxn to Follow for Mindfulness & Astrology

In the times we are living through, above all else, self-care must be made a priority. There are millions of ways to go about self-care and it looks different for each person. Astrology can help you understand yourself better so you can embark on this journey to achieving a healthy mind, body and spirit.

The Black Lives Matter movement is alive and well and we can each do our part to make sure it stays this way, so why not incorporate advocacy with self-care?


Mani is a spiritual healer, psychic medium and astrologer who uses social media to help spread the wisdom she holds to those around her, especially in regards to ancestry. Devoted to being a “healing healer,” Mani believes that when we make an effort to heal ourselves, we heal the world along with us.

She is most active on Twitter and Instagram, where she often posts beautiful pieces of advice and updates for each sign of the zodiac.

Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / Website


Emilia Ortiz is an Afro-Boricua, NYC-based Bruja and Healer. Through her platform, she discusses the marginalization and systematic oppression of black people in connection to wellness. Plants are a big part of her self-care routine and she is always giving her followers advice on what plants to purchase and how to take care of them. 

Ortiz is very transparent about her anxiety and depression, and in doing so she has curated almost 245k followers on Instagram. With her great abilities, she is constantly coming up with anxiety-coping meditations and exercises for her platform, all while connecting everything back to her Afro-Indigenous roots. 



Moon Vibes Magazine is an up-and-coming astrology magazine ran by black womxn. They create playlists and online magazine volumes, and they give general advice about any astrological event you could think of. While still growing their following, Moon Vibes has already started breaking new ground with their unique concepts and ideas. 

With an emphasis on the shared emotional connection to the moon, Moon Vibes Magazine strives to embody the moon’s essence: ethereal, authentic and creative. Overall, they want to guide their followers in breaking out of toxic patterns, mindsets and structures and get you to where you want to be in life. 

Instagram / Website


With over 472k followers on Instagram, The Hood Witch keeps her followers updated with every cosmic event imaginable. She has collaborated with many well-known brands like 29Rooms of Refinery29, Essence, H&M, Essie and Marie Claire to showcase her magical talents to the rest of the world. Along with the immaculate aesthetics of her brand, her words and advice are just as valuable. 

Instagram / Website


Tai Soleil aka Auntie Double C Biqueen focuses on the use of Tarot cards alongside astrology. Offering various types of services like personalized tarot card readings on questions you may have or even on your current love life, she covers it all.

Tai Soleil is very active on the Twitter timeline, rightfully so because her advice and commentary are always accurate and real.

Twitter / Website


Aya aka Piscesdoll specializes in the Law of Attraction, crystals and Tarot cards. She started out by making simple how-to guides on her Tiktok on how to manifest a text message from someone or how to manifest good grades for a certain class. She offers tarot card reading services along with her simple and concise Law of Attraction step-by-step guides.

With almost 747k followers on Tiktok, Aya continues to use her platform to help anyone and everyone achieve all of their dreams they desire.



Mimi is a spiritual activist, songstress, and tarot card reader. She centers her platform around uplifting black womxn in general, but especially in a spiritual sense. She informs her followers on different resources they can utilize to support black womxn in the spiritual/astrology community as well.

Mimi is lively, sweet and artistic in how she relays advice and divine messages to those who need it.


In times of uncertainty and hardship, it is important we surround ourselves with the right kinds of people and energy. Make sure to take care of yourself before anything else and enjoy your journey!

Gabriela Garcia-Astolfi is currently a sophomore at American University majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in International Relations. Garcia-Astolfi is a true Jersey girl in every sense of the word. She comes from a very strong Italian-Spanish background, and a trilingual household. Because of her family's recent immigration to the US, Garcia-Astolfi is very passionate on the topic of immigration, specifically in the subcultures created through the process of immigration. She describes herself as a multifaceted person with many interests in anything from photography to astrology and identity politics!
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