5 Pick-me-ups For Your College Blues

It’s halfway through the semester and it’s time to be honest. Every single one of us is in that place where we're struggling with midterms and projects, trying to keep up with assignments and worried that we've taken on too many extracurricular activities (spoiler: we totally have). Once you add squeezing in time for your friends, procrastination, and random-things-that-are-constantly-popping-up-out-of-nowhere to this already chaotic mix, suffice it to say that life tends to get a little overwhelming. 

In the midst of the stress-filled chaos we’ve all fallen victim to the college blues at some point, completely convinced we’d hit rock bottom (until we reached a newfound level of rock-bottom). In stressful situations like these, it is important to take care of yourself and take a minute to breathe. In honor of this, here are 5 quick and easy pick-me-ups to shake off the college blues. 

1. Fika!

Fika is a Swedish tradition that most closely resembles a coffee break, but is so much more than that. It is a social phenomenon wherein a person sets aside everything other than their coffee and it’s sweet-treat companion (a mandatory element in fika) in order to take some time to just savor the moment and live in the here-and-now. One can fika at anytime or place, with or without someone to keep you company. It is a good way to relax and to appreciate life. Fika refreshes you, giving you a renewed sense of energy to carry on with your day on a happier note. 


2. Yoga

Though this is one potential pick-me-up that has been repeated ad nauseam, the reason for this is a good one. Yoga both stretches your body and relaxes your mind, giving you strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness.


3. Watch your favorite movie 

On a really overwhelming day when the college blues have hit you a little harder than usual, break out your favorite movie (or, an episode of your favorite show if you’re short on time). Add a little popcorn to the mix and enjoy a little break with the silver screen! 


4. Enjoy the sunrise (or sunset) 

If waking up for the sunrise is a little too far-fetched, take a small walk in the evening around 6:30 and watch the sunset while getting some fresh air. The sky always looks beautiful and it’s a good way to get a little exercise to wake you up if you’re falling asleep on your work.


5. Take some time for the things you love

It is important above all else to take time out for the activities and events that you enjoy, and take advantage of the opportunities that DC has on offer! Whether it’s reading a book, exploring the city or attending a protest for something you feel strongly about, make sure to enjoy your college experience. 

College is a completely different world filled with work and responsibilities. But, it's also important to take time for yourself and enjoy new experiences and opportunities that come your way. Above all else, be sure to go out and live your college life to the fullest--just don't forget about classes!