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The Best At Home YouTube Workouts


Getting myself to the gym to workout is half my battle. I know once I’m there I’ll run and sweat and power through, but getting there? There’s something about having to go outside, start my car, drive over to the gym, park and so on that I just don’t want to do everyday.

Thankfully, YouTube understands my struggles! I have found some amazing fitness YouTubers that motivate me to workout when I’m not even motivated to leave the house!

All these fitness gurus have fun and easy to follow videos that will make working out at home something you look forward to! Though I love all of their videos, I have attached the links to my absolute favorites for y’all to enjoy!


Cassey Ho is awesome! She’s so positive and motivating. Her YouTube channel is filled with a bunch of yoga and pilates workouts that are perfect for doing at home! The majority of her workouts don’t require any equipment, and she has modified movements in each workout designed for beginners. She even creates free monthly workout calendars that show you how to combine each of her videos to get the most out of your workout. The Blogilates videos range from 5 to 20 minutes long, so finding a time to workout is never an issue! I love this one, which is apart of a new series she just did for apartment and dorm living!

The Fitness Marshall

If you’re into Zumba or dancing workouts in general, you will love Caleb Marshall. His upbeat energy makes the workouts SO enjoyable, and seriously guys, he is hilarious. Most of time, I feel like I’m burning calories simply from laughing too hard. Just like Meredith and Christina, my best friend and I will set up in our living room and dance our problems away. The best part is that his dances are choreographed to a bunch of songs from well known artists. Just pick your favorite and press play! It’s great cardio! My personal favorite is this one!

Tone It Up

Tone It Up is actually the name of my fitness board on Pinterest, and I got that name from Karena and Katrina! They’re two best friends based in California who built an empire for women who want to get fit! Their videos are challenging but effective! They have a variety of videos that target specific muscle groups. During the year, Tone It Up does special challenges like the Bikini Series that they do right before summer and the Love Your Body series that they do in the spirit of Valentine’s Day! They’re also very good at teaching you what each move does for your body during the workouts. This yoga video leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed every time!

Cambria Joy

While Cambria is more of a healthy lifestyle type of YouTuber, she also has some great at home workouts on her channel! She’s very big about nourishing the mind, the body and the soul. Therefore, she has a lot of healthy recipes, workouts and daily routines on her channel. Cambria is also a great planner. She has videos all about reaching your goals and how to get motivated. I’d definitely look here and here if you’re just getting started!

Rebecca Louise

Guys, Rebecca Louise is so adorable! I love her workouts and her English accent! She’s so encouraging and she has her cute little dog, Sir Alphie, to accompany her! Rebecca’s channel has a mixture of workouts, motivational messages, and healthy lifestyle advice! She has a blog where she posts her healthy foods and daily workouts, and you can also find her posts on her travel adventures. She has everything from how to workout on vacation to tips on feeling more energized! I definitely recommend checking her out. This full body workout is amazing!

*All picture screenshotted from Youtube.com 

Sami Shephard

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Sami Shephard is a senior at the University of Alabama studying Advertising and Spanish. Her hobbies include bread, Game of Thrones, and her dog, Phoebe. When she's not in class, she can be found taking a spin class, watching a romantic comedy, or planning her next adventure.
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