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Valentine’s Day, More Like Galentine’s Day!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

As you all know, the precious holiday Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 here in the United States! It’s traditionally considered a romantic holiday where one gives an offering to their significant other(s) or self. But I for one see it as a holiday for all different types of love: romantic, platonic, familial, self-love, etc.

Offerings or as most call them, gifts, include but are not limited to flowers, stuffed animals, chocolates, different assortments of candy, Sweethearts, jewelry, lingerie, a lovely letter, stickers, poetry, valentines, etc. It’s a way to express materialistically (or not) how much you value and care deeply about the other person. Now, this is all grand and fine, but what about your friends? Yes, I know I said early that technically this holiday is for all, but what if you preferred to shower them with twice as much love in the same week? Or you’re just not comfortable using a “traditionally romantic” holiday? Well, do I have the news for you! Thanks to the Internet and mainstream media we have the holiday day for you! 

Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13 here in the United States! It was originally a holiday made up by Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, on US sitcom Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 16. Yes, this holiday is not exactly real but it has been celebrated by many over the last 10 years! Now, the first way to celebrate Galentine’s Day is by throwing an awesome party for your girl-friends to celebrate the love and friendship between everyone. Some people just use this day to celebrate their best friends or closer friends. It’s the day to shower them with lavish affection. But since there’s still a pandemic going on, getting together with a group of friends or even just one might not be the smartest or right choice to make. That’s where I come in! I’m here to give you ideas on what to do for this momentous occasion!

Now first before anything, you have to know if you want to do this for a friend group (more than 3) or just your best friend. Depending on your response you might want to gather more supplies or money. Now an easy thing to do is have a video chat set-up, party style. Like some birthdays that were celebrated within the last year, you can do this through  Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangout, etc. This is still the perfect and safest way to talk and hang out with loved ones. To spice things up this time around send out handwritten invitations or a really cute email, preferably with pink, red, white, flowers, and hearts! Then plan what you’ll do that evening (or night or day, etc)! For example, is it going to be an arts-craft project (either send out the stuff in a cute package or have them buy the stuff they need), a movie (may I personally recommend “Mean Girls,” “Clueless,” “Legally Blonde,” “Wild Child,” etc.) baking something together, catching up on the gossip (example: my dog keeps laying on my pillows when he knows I’m gonna lay on them too), dance competition (or just listen to your favorite albums or talk about your favorite singers/bands) or online games (Aomg Us anyone?), and more. You can also have everyone decorate their backgrounds to get more into the spirit. Trust me, once inspiration hits you’ll take it to the moon!

Other cute ideas to celebrate the queens in your life is sending homemade sweets, valentines (with puns preferable! Example: There’s so mushroom in my heart for you!), little gifts, or even calling them up on the phone the old fashioned way (texting is great but so is hearing the other person’s voice). The possibilities are endless. Heck, you can even make the whole thing a surprise or cue them in so everyone celebrates. 

Just remember to have fun and let those queens of your life know that you whale always love them! ;) 

Annel Chavez

Agnes Scott '21

Annel Chavez is a student at Agnes Scott College. She's majoring in English Creative Writing with a minor in Spanish. She grew up in the Southside of Chicago and enjoys exploring her city when she can. Annel loves to read, write, draw, long walks, her dog, and anything that gets her creative mind going.