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I Got a Professional Massage for the First Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Agnes Scott chapter.

For my junior year of college, I made a goal to at least try to go and get a massage every month throughout the school year because I really needed to listen to my body and do better with my physical health. However, like any resolution pertaining to physical health, I never got around to it. A whole year later I finally got one.

I’m the absolute worst at listening to my body and the pains that I’m experiencing. As much as I like to convince myself that I’m young, my body likes to kindly remind me otherwise. I made the goal to go after experiencing excruciating back pain and shoulder pain and I still experience this same pain frequently. I knew a massage wasn’t gonna solve the problem or make it disappear quickly, but I was hoping for a temporary solution because I’ve tried multiple things from body oils, compresses, stretches, and cursing the world for blessing me with this problem Though, alas, nothing worked. After telling a friend about my goal, she wanted to tag along on the process and also get one for herself.

We did a lot of research in terms of rates for massages with consideration of the time, consultation, and additional services. They were all around the same introductory (first-time client) price which was $50 for 60 minutes. This price definitely seemed unfriendly to my pocket so I recommend those that genuinely want to get one, to save up and remember, tips are also an additional cost. However, I was determined to get this massage one way or another, especially because it was Friday and there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself (within your monetary limits).

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My friend and I went to Massage Heights in Decatur, which is about 10 minutes away from campus. The staff were super welcoming and friendly to us. The ambiance was very relaxing as they had complimentary cucumber-lemon infused water as well as a fresh aroma when you enter the space. After filling out some forms, my massage therapist took me to my room and started the process. She asked me if there were any spots that I wanted to focus on and what degree of pressure should she apply. I simply told her the pain I was having with my back and asked for her recommendation on the pressure. She told me medium was best so that I won’t wake up sore in the morning considering that it’s my first time. The service even came with a complimentary aromatherapy where you could choose your desired scent. Unfortunately, I decided to not include that because I tend to get headaches from strong scents.

After stripping down to my undergarments, the therapist came back and I laid face down with the sheets over me and the lights dimmed. The lights and subtle sounds really set the tone and made me feel relaxed immediately. My therapist began with my back area focusing on the shoulders and then my arms one by one until she reached my hands (I don’t think many of us realize how much work our hands do in terms of typing, writing, moving etc.).  She then worked her way towards my legs and feet which throughout the process she would apply a warm towel in certain spots which definitely felt nice. I had a great conversation throughout the session because she would ask me questions and vice versa, which some may mind considering they want a quiet and relaxing environment but I genuinely didn’t mind! Once my whole body was done from the backside, I turned over and she worked on my neck. I thought that was interesting because she was applying pressure in the neck region as I was facing front.

That concluded the massage portion of the appointment. Even better, once I got dressed and met my therapist outside the room, she gave me a sheet that included treatments that she recommended for me for the tension spots in certain parts of my body that she noticed. Overall, I definitely enjoyed my massage especially since it was nice to treat myself (but I definitely can’t afford to do this every month). Although it didn’t help me that much with the pain (it brought temporary relief) that I’ve been experiencing, it definitely helped me de-stress in terms of mentally and emotionally. Sigh. I guess I gotta go to the doctor.

Nonetheless, I truly recommend everyone getting a massage experience at least once this school year, of course, if you’re financially able to!