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The time has come. Lazy days on the couch eating all your Christmas chocolate avoiding the thought of coming back to uni are over. HCAU know exactly how this feels and we are going to walk you through your first week back after the holidays.



 The alarm is ringing. You’ve already hit snooze multiple times and if you don’t get up now you’re definitely going to be late for the first lecture of the new semester. It feels like it is still the middle of the night and the only thing you can do is make a LARGE cup of coffee.


BUT your day isn’t all bad as you have a lovely writers’ meeting with the HCAU girls to power you through the last part of Monday!


Okay, so you survived Monday – Well done! But the week has only just started and it’s ONLY Tuesday. Today you’ll be exhausted from yesterday, slightly overwhelmed by the course content that has been thrown at you by unforgiving lecturers and to make matters worse, you’ve spent £15 on coffee in one day. Either you have to get more sleep or give up coffee…



OHHHH WE’RE HALFWAY THERE! Kick your day off with some Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer and remember that the weekend is only 2 days away! If you’re lucky enough to have today off uni, use it to catch up on notes, sleep and to regain some of your sanity. Why don’t you write an article for HCAU or check out the articles from this week to chill you out?


The end is so close! But Thursday and Friday are tough days to survive. The dark days of Monday are behind us, but you will be feeling pretty knackered and the thought of sitting in a lecture hall all day instead of being in your bed is a sad idea. But better days are coming, they are called Saturday and Sunday!



Finally! You have survived the first week back at uni – you should celebrate! Head out with your best group of pals to BSSC and enjoy an excessive number of cocktails. You deserve it!


Firstly, you need to recover from last night. Apologise for sending unknown Snapchats to people that you really shouldn't be sending Snapchats to at 3am (it’s okay, we all make mistakes). Time to do any tutorial work or notes whilst nursing a hangover and cleaning up the remainder of your McDonalds you demolished in your bed at 4am.





Reality has hit. You’ve got to do the whole thing again next week and Monday is only a few hours away and you’ve still got 100 pages of a textbook to read. But you can do it!

Best of luck with the new semester everyone! HCAU xoxo



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Holly Judge

Aberdeen '19

MA English Graduate 2018 and PGDE Secondary (English) student 2018-19. President of Her Campus Aberdeen 2018-2019
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