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Every year we convince ourselves this will be the year we finally get fit. We’ve probably been telling ourselves that we will workout 5+ times a week since the Christmas overindulgence of 2011. And it hasn’t happened yet. This year (like every year) will however, be different. HCAberdeen have come up with an array of exercise possibilities for even the newest newcomers of you Sporty Spice wannabes out there. Grab some cute leggings and a sweatshirt and do it. You won’t regret it.


1.     STRETCHING// -beginners yoga

We have all visited THOSE instagram pages, where we swear what the lady is doing is most definitely impossible and must be photoshopped. We are not suggesting that you and your SO/ BFF should make your way down to Aberdeen beach and try it for yourselves. Instead take up some light stretching either before you go to bed or first thing in the morning whilst drinking some water. Nothing extreme, just some stretches your high school PE teacher would make you do post-beep test. Gradually build up your flexibility and who knows you could be the next yogi IG to follow. Start slowly, joining a local class or watching youtube tutorials. It’s always more fun with friends.

2.     The dreaded CARDIO

Do NOT panic; you do not have to go on 5k+ runs every day. Cardio can actually be enjoyable when you find something you like. For me it’s training in a spin class; you can laugh with friends, and also get to work out to your music guilty pleasures. There are also lots of cost-free alternatives – if you enjoy window shopping, throw on a pair of trainers and speed round your favourite shops or you could find a set of stairs and run up and down them after a casual Sunday stroll on the beach.


If you’re a complete beginner it’s difficult to see the pull of working out, and that’s why it’s best to keep it fun and enjoyable so you’ll want to stick to it. There are loads of ’30 day workout’ plans on the internet, and these are great to start with. However, we’d recommend coming up with your own routine that works for you and you can use over a longer period of time, instead of just a quick fix. Yes, the ’30 day squat challenge’ is brilliant, but 30 days of working out won’t keep your butt perfect forever. We suggest pairing up with a friend and sending them daily challenges, like ‘over today you have to complete 100 squats.’ Keep it easy to begin with and you’ll both be able to fit a workout into your student routine. You can use games to keep yourself motivated, whilst working on a single machine. I am someone who gets very bored on a cross trainer or treadmill after 5 minutes, so interval training can really make time pass quicker. Run for 2 minutes, walk for 1 and sprint for 30 seconds full speed. Just make it up, change it every time and improvise.

4.     DANCE

Because you can have the time of your life and still increase your fitness levels. Dance everywhere – in your bedroom, at a party and with all your BFFs. I’m not sure of the exact science (something to do with endorphins) but dancing can make your body and mind much healthier and happier. Stressed about your next paper that you’re convinced you’re going to fail? Dance! It’s literally the exercise equivalent to coconut oil; it fixes everything.




You are all beautiful! Fitting in 30-45 minutes of any of the above exercises will make you feel healthier and improve your fitness levels (trust us).



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