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A Simple Guide to a Positive Life

A Simple Guide to a Positive Life


Productive – make the most of every minute of every day – achieve your goals and stay on top of deadlines.


Optimistic – always look at the bright side of life – be hopeful of the future and maintain high hopes.


Strong – be strongminded and resilient – don’t be easily defeated by adversity.


Independent – have an independent mind, don’t get persuaded by people you don’t agree with. Prioritize your own happiness before others’.


Thankful – be appreciative and grateful for what and who you have in life, don’t take anything for granted.


Invincible – be resilient and don’t give up – when one door closes another door opens.


Versatile – be adaptable and open to change – those who fear change are the ones who need it the most.


Explorative – use your imagination and broaden your horizons, having a mind open to change and new experience will repel negativity.






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