Her Story: My Not So Single Life

Her Story: My Not So Single Life

Around this time last year I wrote an article right here on HCAU, titled Her Story: My Single Life. Throughout the blog I went on and on about all the perks of being single, why being single in my 20s is a good decision concluded with a list of negatives surrounding relationships. One year on and your gal may have had a slight change of heart. Yep that’s right; I’ve got a boyfriend which basically means my social life is over and I may as well just kiss goodbye to the idea of ever having a gals night out again.

Right? Wrong.

Here’s some of the perks I’ve unbelievably managed to scrape together about having a boyfriend (kidding, please don’t dump me if you’re reading this x)


So last time I spoke about not being able to find somebody who makes me laugh as much as my friends do and that I fancy as much as my parents still do each other. One year on and I feel like I’ve pretty much nailed it. I would say that in order for dating to progress into a relationship it is important for that person to become your friend. And so, what once seemed impossible suddenly becomes achievable. What you’re looking for is somebody you fancy who you’ll become friends with 1st, this ensures that they’ll always make you laugh and then all the relationship stuff is a lot more natural is so much simpler when you already enjoy their company and spending time with them anyway. If your boyfriend isn’t one of your besties you’re doing it wrong- it's the winning combination.

In the previous article I said that I wasn’t stressing about finding someone which made me believe that a relationship wasn’t for me at that time. I completely stand by that and I’d say that if you focus so much on searching for someone perfect you’re going to struggle. Being content and confident in yourself, with your friends and with everything else going on in your life is a lot more attractive than desperately grasping for someone to fit the vacancy that’s appeared in your relationship department. So I would say don’t force it, if you feel like you’re making a huge amount of effort to make something work, you have to question; is that really working?

As well as these points I made in the article from last year I have found some perks of my own that were unexpected and maybe are something those of you in a new relationship can relate to.

Having someone to vent to about all life’s minuscule inconveniences if pretty sweet, especially when they have your back 100%. This may allow them to believe that you’re a complete diva but it’s best they find out sooner rather than later anyway.

Secondly, I would have to say that my last positive in being in a relationship is how it can subconsciously make you a better person. In that, having to think about someone else’s feelings, likes/dislikes and mood has pushed me to be more thoughtful. This can’t be a bad thing and I hope that it’ll transfer to all of my relationships with family and friends.

Dating someone that you already know you’re very into is also a huge perk. Waving goodbye to awkward hugs and uncomfortable silences over 2nd date cocktails has been a huge positive for me. Being in a relationship means dating the person you want to date all of the time, having fun without any awkwardness and being taken to places they know you’ll like. Warning: you may still have to pretend to laugh at their crap jokes but hey you can’t have it all.

Too all the single gals- good luck in all your relationship conquests

To those already in relationships- good luck for the future

To my new bf- I hope you’re ok with being my subject for articles


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