HCAU Reviews: You Are Amazing

HCAU Reviews: You Are Amazing


If there is one great self-help guide book for millennials out there that I woud recommend, it would be You Are Amazing by Sonia and Sabrina Choquette-Tully. Intuitives and spirit babes among you might have heard the name before: Sonia Choquette. She’s the mother of the duo of the book. With titles such as Your Three Best Superpowers and Trust Your Vibes, Sonia Choquette is a pioneer when it comes to all things intuition. No wonder her daughters had the chance to trust their inner compass from an early age and decided to pass this incredible knowledge onto our generation.


In this article, I don’t want to give too much away because I believe that everyone should read it for themselves first, and spoilers might give you the feeling that you’ve read something similar before. It’s not the case.


But how should I start first? First of all, the cover is amazing! I saw it for the first time in the spiritual bookshop Watkins in London in the beginning of September. But I didn’t purchase it immediately. When I returned to London mid-September, the book was still there in the same place – I was happy and thought: this is a good sign! You have to buy it, Natascha. So I bought it and I finally finished reading it recently.


What I like about the book is the style and the approach to spirituality. Even people who aren’t into spirituality will not be put off. It might even increase their interest in spirituality, leading them to think: ‘Mmm, I’ve never thought about it before, but hey, she’s right!’ But what is it all about? It’s about intuition and why we as humans should follow our hearts and use them for inner guidance. With an introduction entitled: Hi, Let’s Be Friends, the book is divided into three main parts: We’ve got Spirit, How About You?, is the first part, followed by interesting and alluring chapters like Filling the Void. Sabrina and Sonia share their own personal stories, experiences from other people, and in the end of each chapter there is a short ‘Help Yourself Guide’.


I liked the tone of the book because it reminds me of a little chat with a good friend. This is also how the two sisters are in reality: best friends and in their twenties. Readers will recognize their voice in this fabulous book. They are talking to you. One could even finish it in a day, but if you read a chapter every day, you will allow more time to reflect on what you have read. I assure you, the content you’re reading lifts you up.

This is a short excerpt from the intro: ‘This book was born of the seeds of our struggles and triumphs, as we have worked to create the lives we really want to live. We wrote it as a love letter to our generation because as we’ve gotten older, we’ve noticed that many people don’t seem to have these tools. […] Because the space we’re all trying to get to – the house, the perfect husband or wife, the money, the family, the fame – is all just backdrop really. The place we actually need to open to is the space within ourselves that really knows who we are – our gorgeous hearts.’ (p.xi)


The girls remind us to slow down and even reflect on our lives. Is that the life I really want to have? Am I happy or do I do things that other people – friends, family, society – expect from me? Going out of your comfort zone can be a liberating thing and it might even be the key to living a fulfilling life, if you open up and don’t restrict yourself to limited, preconceived ideas.


As the two besties explain it: Living an intuitive life isn’t for the faint of heart. Sometimes it means making choices that go against the grain, forcing yourself to be temporarily uncomfortable. Living an authentic life takes courage – choosing to act rightly in the face of the popular opinion, opposition, or discouragement. Consider this: the word courage comes from the French word ‘Coeur’, or heart. Sometimes you have to walk through the fire, but honouring yourself, your Spirit, and your intuition is always worth it. (p.20)


Now I was amazed when I read this, and I can speak French, that nobody told me about the etymology of the word courage in primary school. But it seems pretty clear to me now.


We live in a world that uses facts as a way of living and understanding all the relationships and that the ‘bullshit’ (yes, the girls use that word and there is no better word to express it) we have to endure and face in our society. Not only do we ‘bullshit’ our environment and the people we spend time with, but we ‘bullshit’ ourselves as well. So in order to get rid of these bad vibes, energy, or whatever you want to call it, we have to be honest and mindful about ourselves and talk it out among our peers.


I hope this short review could give you a taste of it!


Happy reading!










Choquette-Tully, Sonia and Sabrina. You Are Amazing. London: Hay House , 2017.




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