HCAU Guide to Surviving Aberdeen's Winter

Top Tips for Surviving Aberdeen's Miserable Weather

It is wet, it is cold, it is windy, your feet are constantly freezing, you wear your warmest scarf, you even put on long boots despite the cool tattoo on your ankle. Your hair is curly all the time because of the humidity in the air and of course the never-ending tornados. You lack vitamin D, as the average light is around 5 hours a day and it’s rather cloudy. You also lack motivation; 9 am lectures/tutorials don’t exist in your vocabulary, and even the smallest things require a huge effort. The amount of coffee you consume is unbelievable; in the long run, it would be worth it money-wise to buy the Starbucks coffee shop at the university campus.  The always grey buildings don’t help either, they don’t bring colour to everyday life. It is cold outside but not enough to have snow, so it doesn’t feel like a winter wonderland at all. Your flat is freezing, but you don’t want to pay hundreds and hundreds of pounds to Scottish Power. You just want to cuddle with a fluffy dog or cat, but of course, your landlord doesn’t let you have one and your goldfish isn’t the most tempting option when it comes to cuddling. Summer and even spring seem ages away when you just want to be sipping margaritas in sunny Spain. Yes, this is how it feels living in Aberdeen during winter. But don’t you worry my friend, I’ll help you survive these winter months with my tips, and soon you will see those sweet summer days.

#1 Keep organized

Marie Condo’s Netflix series had some influence on me I have to admit, but I cleaned my place and it was a seriously refreshing feeling. It keeps you occupied for a while, is actually fun, and moreover, it makes you feel you did something useful. An excellent way to start your new year. Re-decoration can do wonders as well, as things can get a little boring when you're staring at the same decoration for ages. A well-organized home can help to have a well-organized mind.

#2 Plan things that are in the near future

If you are a control freak (just like me) you will love making plans for your near future, and by this I mean planning more or less every minute of the next two weeks. You can make it as simple or creative as you want and it also gives you something to look forward to. 

#3 Plan things for the year

Excited for summer? It is time to plan your holidays in advance then, and maybe this year the holidays will go smoothly.

#4 Eat vitamins

It is hard to get all the supplements necessary for your body from food, especially if you are a university student and you don’t really care about food quality. The body experiences more stress during winter, and it is more exposed to health problems. Therefore, taking vitamins is essential. I found my “magic five” vitamins, which are vitamin B, C, D, Zinc, and Iron. I usually buy a family-sized bottle of feroglobin which contains Iron, Zinc and vitamin B, then I buy a pack of vitamin D and C and take them every morning. You can purchase them in boots for a maximum of 5 pounds each. Of course, everybody is different and your “magic 5” will differ from mine, therefore, I suggest to do a wee bit of research on what your body needs.  

#5 Exercise

Sadly, it is not the season where you can put your shorts and running shoes on and just go out for a run, or walk or a hike. But this is not an excuse for not doing any exercise during winter. There is plenty to do indoors too, and a big thank to Aberdeen Sports Village for that. I tried a yoga class, the swimming pool and I booked the squash court several times and I would recommend them for anyone in any shape. There is also another great option and this is Aberdeen trampoline park. Is there a better way to get rid of the university stress than jumping?

#6 Go to the solarium

Personally, I don’t go to the solarium because I want a fancy tan as I am okay with the fact I’m as pale as Dracula, but I just love the feeling when I am in the sun bed. It’s nice and warm in there and the increased amount of light enhances my mood. Also, use of a tanning bed (with the right UV frequencies) has also been shown to increase Vitamin D levels (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2846322/).

#7 Travel

I know I know, traveling can be expensive, but when you hear this world “traveling” it does not necessarily mean you have to fly to Malta. Of course, if you have the time, energy and money put your pretty ass on a plane RIGHT NOW, because it is indeed an efficient method of getting over your winter blues. Otherwise, you could just get on a bus or hop in your/a friend’s car and visit the closest town/park/beach. There is plenty to see around Aberdeen, for example, Cove Bay has a really nice coast, in Newburgh, you can see cute seals, or there is a stunning loch (Loch of Skene) only an hour away from Aberdeen. There are plenty of opportunities for day trips and it is an awesome way to see more of beautiful Scotland.

#8 Adventure time in the kitchen

There are only two reasons that make me go to the kitchen; cookies and cocktails. Winter is a perfect time to try out new recipes, and not only food recipes but cocktails as well. So it is time to get your mixers out and shake a nice martini for yourself, and you might shake winter off sooner too.

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