HCAU Guide to Self-Care

HCAU Guide To Self-Care


 Everyone gets those blue days, weeks or often months, where nothing seems to be going your way. Often, we forget to take care of ourselves, but it takes very little effort to show ourselves a little care. Wentworth Miller, star of Prison Break and long-time sufferer of depression, hosts a self-care campaign where he shares on Facebook the self-care routines he does each day. I thought that I should take a page out of his book and create a compiled list of the best self-care acts to help beat the blues.



  1. Have a pamper night. Do your nails, a face-mask, have a glass of wine and watch a movie.
  2. Find your favourite place to go and go there. Mine is by the seaside, others like to be among the trees or flowers, and others like to drive.
  3. Meditate – it helps to ground you.


  1. Listen to an uplifting playlist.
  2. Get some sun on the nicer days.



  1. Do your hobby. I know it makes me happy when I’m creating something with my craft boxes.
  2. Take a nap or a shower, they both solve everything.
  3. Cuddle a pet.




  1. Retail therapy is a thing!! Let yourself buy that cute skirt.
  2. Turn your phone off for a while.




  1. Allow yourself that chocolate cake or cookie that you’ve been eyeing up.
  2. Keep your body happy, drink plenty of water and eat proper meals.



  1. Have a cup of tea! It might be a British thing, but personally, I think that you can’t get any better than a good cup of tea.


  1. Do a bit of exercise. I know. Yuk, right? Even if it’s just a short walk.
  2. Do something nice for a stranger. We’re all going through our own personal crisis, don’t pass on the kindness and let yourself feel good about being selfless.