The Best Waffle Recipe (Which Happens To Be Vegan)!

The Best Waffle Recipe that Happens to be Vegan

Okay, don’t be scared off by the word ‘vegan’ here. See, waffles don’t even need to contain egg to start with. Believe me, I was born on the Swedish National Waffle Day! So I’ve eaten a fair amount of waffles, and they were egg-free since before I gave up animal products. The recipe I will share with you is from the Swedish magazine ‘Vegomagasinet’. Someone obviously needs to translate it to share it with the world. You’re welcome. Enjoy these lovely waffles (I tried them for my birthday brunch and they were very popular among the guests!).  These are 100% guilt free ethically speaking, but I’m sure you know that plant-based alternatives are also nicer for the body and figure.

Classic Waffles (Serves 8) 150 g vegan butter 400 ml flour (gluten free works fine) 1 tsp baking soda A pinch of salt 250 ml plant milk 200 ml cold water

Optional: some apple cider vinegar for added fluffiness and any spices you’d like!


PS. If you want chocolate waffles, replace 50 ml of the flour with 50 ml of cacao!




Serve with some yummy toppings and you’ll be everyone’s favourite person. XO


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