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Starbucks Has A New Viral Stanley Cup & The Color Is So Spring-y

The Stanley cup has proven itself to be the most sought-after beverage receptacle of the 2023-2024 school year time and time again. This cup has become a staple among trendy college students, and the likelihood of you spotting one while you’re at work, traveling, or just bopping around campus is pretty high. And naturally, with a new season comes a new version of the beloved Stanley cup — and it’s more special than your average release, as the newest tumbler is the product of another collaboration with its zeitgeisty partner-in-merch-drops, Starbucks. 

This is the fourth Starbucks x Stanley collab in the United States. The first release was a peach-colored cup, followed by a holiday red one, and most recently, the winter pink, which basically broke the internet in early 2024. Now, the duo is following that up with a sky-blue version — better known on the internet as “spring blue.”

“Without a cloud in sight, this sky-blue quencher provides hydration to take on all the adventures ahead,” the Starbucks website says of the new product. The cup features a silver lining to complement the light blue, and includes a matching straw to tie it all together. The 40-ounce cup was released as part of Starbucks’ Mother’s Day 2024 gift lineup, but really it could work for a graduation gift, finals season incentive, or just something to treat yourself with.


Decided to vlog my experience! This cup is beautiful 🩵🫶🏻 #stanleyxstarbucks #springblue #vlog #stanleycup #starbucksxstanley #target #stanley #starbucks @Stanley 1913 @Starbucks @target

♬ original sound – Bella💞

Many avid Stanley x Starbucks fans camped out ahead of the cup’s release in order to get their hands on it ASAP. Those who collect Stanleys are likely no stranger to this — camping out for limited releases is common, and there have even been multiple occasions where fights have broken out as a result of people trying to score these special edition tumblers. 

When and where will Starbucks’ spring blue Stanley cup be available?

The new Stanley x Starbucks cup is available as of April 9, 2024, at participating Starbucks locations, which include standalone Starbucks stores as well as Target locations that have connecting Starbucks stores. This means Starbucks stores connected to other grocery stores, airports, or other locations are not expected to have this cup available for purchase. 

Can I buy Starbucks’ spring blue Stanley cup online?

Stanley’s website does not have the cup as an option for purchase online at this time, meaning the only way you can acquire the cup right from the source is by checking for it in person at Starbucks or Target stores. 

Or, if you’re willing to pay a premium, you can look on resell websites. While many shoppers want the cup for themselves, others buy them in order to sell them. A quick search for the spring blue Stanley on eBay already produces multiple listings, most priced over $100. It bears repeating: The demand for these cups is real.

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