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15 Rhyme Without Reason Trio Ideas For Your Next Party

ICYMI, Rhyme Without Reason parties are all the rage right now. A departure from classic party themes (like an ABC party), Rhyme Without Reason encourages you to think creatively in order to create a funny, and clever, costume. If you’ve never heard of the rules, have no fear. They’re actually pretty simple: all you need is a partner (or a group) to come up with a costume that rhymes. It doesn’t have to make sense — arguably, it’s funnier if the costumes are out of left field. Sometimes, you can even ask your fellow partygoers to guess what unhinged idea you came up with and get a ton of laughs in the process.

However, Rhyme Without Reason parties are commonly thought of as a duo costume idea. And while there are some hilarious couples costumes to play around with, the trios (and throuples) out there deserve some love too. From instantly recognizable pop culture personas all the way to chill frat bros, there is no shortage of costumes you can try out for fun. If you and your besties, partners, or roomies are looking for some Rhyme Without Reason trio ideas, don’t worry. I got you covered. Trust me, these ones are good.


The trio of your dreams (or nightmares).

Scholar + Baller + White Collar

An academic, a basketball player, and a person in a suit walk into a party…

First Lady + Tom Brady + Shady

I mean, these kind of all relate… no?

Geek + Greek + Chic

All you need for this is a nerd costume, a toga, and your most sophisticated friend.

Wild West + Best Dressed + Sweater Vest

Another easy idea. Don’t forget to “yee-haw!”

Tennis Pro + Gym Bro + Marilyn Monroe

Don’t forget the platinum wig.

Gnome + Chrome + Nursing Home

Extra points if you’re willing to wear chrome body paint. If not, a cute holographic fit will suffice.

DJ + PJ + V-Day

All of these options are so comfy.

Aquamarine + Lightning McQueen + Jelly bean

Bringing jellybeans to the function is not optional.

Cowboy + Playboy + NewsBoy

Dig up that newsboy cap from middle school, bestie.

Alix Earle + Squirrel + Flower Girl

Paying our respects to the icon herself, Alix Earle. You can even follow her makeup tutorials for inspo.

Frat + Cat In The Hat + Combat

An iconic trio, honestly.

Hippie + Trippy + Mississippi

Break out the tie-dye.

Sporty + Shorty + Forty

Grab a comfortable jersey, a friend who’s shorter than you, and another pal who’s willing to dress up in classic Boomer fashion.

1950 + Swiftie + Physical Activity

This one’s for you, blondie.

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