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15 Unique Rhyme Without Reason Costume Ideas That Have Me Cracking TF Up 

I don’t know if it’s just on my FYP, but the “rhyme without reason” party theme has an absolute chokehold on me. Something about seeing people drunkenly filming themselves in a bathroom — dressed as two rhyming things that make no sense together — just makes me let out a little giggle. Not to mention, some of the ideas that people have on TikTok are just absolutely hilarious. So much better than your typical frat party, am I right?

However, due to the trend’s rising popularity, some of the ideas might become a little — for lack of a better term — basic. Like, how many times am I going to see “baby and old lady” at my rhyme without reason party next week? If you’re in the market for a rhyme without reason costume idea that’s sure to stand out, and worthy of praise, you’ve come to the right place.

Buzz Lightyear + A pickle spear

To infinity and beyond! All you need for this look is a Buzz Lightyear costume, really just the gloves and wings TBH. (Amazon, $32) For a pickle spear, invest in a pickle costume (Amazon, $30) or just dress in all green. Carry a jar of pickles too — they’ll get it.

Harry + Guy Fieri

Potter or Styles? Up to you. As long as you’ve got the mayor of Flavortown by your side, you’re unstoppable.

Freddy Kruger + A Cougar

Just in time for Halloween! Pair this iconic Nightmare On Elm Street villain with a tight dress, big sunglasses, and big cougar energy. Or, you could throw on some yellow cat ears, if you want to take the theme literally. (I prefer the other way)

2014 Tumblr + “I work with lumber”

With the 2014 Tumblr resurgence here, why not incorporate that into your party costume? Paired with a lumberjack, this has total Wattpad potential.

cephalopod + Fraud

Marine biologist lowers, I got you. Dress up as a squid or octopus (yes, those are cephalopods) and have your partner dressed up as girl boss fraud Elizabeth Holmes or even Anna Delvy — if you can do the accent.

Chicken + Politician

A chicken costume (Amazon, $38) and a suit. It’s as easy as that.

Yung Gravy + 1980

Grab your neon workout gear, bestie. And make sure your partner has a fly fur coat.

She’s The Man + Dirty Dan

She’s The Man is probably one of the most iconic movies ever made. Grab a Bieber-esque wig, suit up, and stick a tampon in your nose to be Amanda Byne’s alter-ego, Sebastian. For Dirty Dan (remember Spongebob? I’m Dirty Dan!), grab a tan cowboy hat and you’re ready to go.

Girlboss + Bob Ross

All this duo needs is a blazer, a curly wig, a fake beard, and some happy little trees.

Slim Shady + Little Old Lady

A dynamic duo.

Christian Girl Autumn + Villian Of Gotham

She was just a girl in an infinity scarf. They were the Joker. Star-crossed lovers.

Guy Fieri + The Virgin Mary

Just gonna leave this here.

Rachel Berry + Bloody Mary

The demon or the drink. Interpret that how ever you’d like.

Millennial + Downward Spiral

You can ask people what their Harry Potter house is while your partner contemplates the meaning of life.

Crazy Cat lAdy + The Boss Baby

Need I say more?

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