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These 20 Borg Names Will Slay Any Frat Formal Weekend

Borgs have been taking over the college party scene and social media starting around late 2022. And while they’re fun to use (safely!) and convenient to drink out of, one of the best parts of the Borg experience is naming it! There are so many hilarious Borg names out there, many of which are perfect for celebrating specific things like holidays and pop culture moments. If you’re looking to make and name a Borg for the fraternity formal you’re invited to, for example, there are a whole host of frat formal Borg name ideas to choose from.

Borgs are great for an event like a frat formal because it’s a time when lots of people will be coming together to have some fun, so you’ll get to show off your creativity and wittiness via your Borg name to a bunch of people at once. (Plus, I’m sure people will want to commemorate the occasion with a photo or two for the ‘gram.) While Borgs can be used for alcoholic beverages (if you choose to drink and are 21+), those who can’t or don’t drink can still get in on the Borg festivities, as Borgs can be used for any kind of mocktail or non-alcoholic beverage. Regardless of what you choose to drink, just make sure your Borg has a pun-tastic name to go with it.

When naming your Borg, it’s common for there to be some sort of pun relating to the event you are at, the time of year it is, or popular things going around the internet at the time. The trick, though, is trying to incorporate the word “Borg” into whatever pun you’re trying to make. 

Her Campus tip: We’re all for a good time, but please be responsible. We don’t condone binge or underage drinking. Stay safe and have fun!

Here are 20 Borg names that’ll have you, your date, and all your friends laughing all formal weekend long: 

1. Sponge-BORG SquarePants 

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? 

2. BORG and the Beautiful 

Add some (good) drama to the frat formal with a Borg named after a famous soap opera. 

3. BORG-ernity Formal 

The pun is a stretch, but at least it’s on theme.

4. Fra-BOR-Gity 

A reminder to why you’ve all come together.

5. So-BORG-ity

Just because it’s a frat formal, doesn’t mean sororities should be left out.

6. LamBORGhini 

This name just flows so perfectly.

7. It’s Borg-O-Clock Somewhere

Do you have a watch? Because it’s *timeT to show off your clever Borg name. 

8. F.O.M.O.O.B. 

(Fear of Missing Out On Borging.)

9. Borging With The Buddies

Who says coming up with a Borg name can’t be a group activity? 

10. BORGumni 

For all the super seniors and recent grads still hanging out at formal.

11. Mr. BORGside 

C’mon, we all know this song will play sometime during the weekend, right? 

12. Little Borg + Big Borg

A double-whammy for all those bigs and littles going to formal together.

13. Fairly Borg Parents 

When you want to wish for an unforgettable time at this frat formal…

14. Welcome to Good BORGer, home of the Good BORGer, can I take your order? 

The nostalgia! 

15. DufenBORG Evil Incorporated 

You can hear the jingle, can’t you? 

16. Beavis and Borg-head 

I mean, you *are* hanging with the bros.

17. CyBorg

Frat formal does kind of feel like you’re visiting another planet.

18. Borg Meets World

Another pop culture reference that’ll hit you with nostalgia.

19. Borg-aritaville

Especially good if the formal is somewhere tropical!

20. I’m a Borg-ie girl, in a Borg-ie world

It wouldn’t be the 2023-2024 school year without some sort of mention to the Barbie movie — right?

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