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These Fourth Of July Borg Names Are Perfect For Any Independence Day Party

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to grab your star-spangled swimsuit, a cowboy hat, and a patriotic Borg to celebrate America’s birthday. Plus, these colorful jugs make a great prop for your holiday weekend photo dump. (Bonus points if you pose with besties while holding red, white, and blue Borgs.) 

ICYMI, Borg stands for “blackout rage gallon” and is a gallon of water with flavor packers and the liquor of your choice. This is the perfect recipe for holidays like the Fourth of July with lots of parties under the summer sun. For 21+ folks, this will keep you hydrated and having fun while jumping in the pool and grilling hotdogs. 

Since these gallons of hydrating liquor have gone viral it’s become a trend to name your Borg and decorate it. These are some of the best Borg names for America’s birthday, with the perfect patriotic flair. Whether you want to make a pop culture reference or have the perfect historical fact, there is the perfect name here. All that’s left is to decide what flavor your Borg will be, and whether it will be red, white, or Borg — I mean, blue. 

Red, White & Borg.

Such a patriotic Borg. 

Borg in the U.S.A.

This one is definitely Springsteen-approved. 

Land of the free, home of the Borg.

God bless America. 

Happy Borg Day, America. 

Best way to celebrate the country’s birthday. 

Ham-Borg-ers & Hot Dogs.

Because we all know, this holiday is all about the BBQs. 

Ruth Bader Gins-borg.

This is the perfect nod to your favorite Supreme Court Justice. 

Home of the Borg since 1776.

Bonus points for historical accuracy. 

Star-spangled Borg.

Better than any banner. 

Four score and seven Borgs ago. 

Honest Abe would be jealous to miss your 4th party. 

Let Freedom Borg. 

Someone bring a Borg to the Liberty Bell. 

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