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These Borg Names Are Actually Hilarious

If there’s one thing you can say about Gen Z, it’s that they’re extremely creative — even when it comes to partying. In the current college party world, classic traditions like toga parties have been replaced by themes such as ABC parties, Powerpoint nights, and the viral rhyme without reason theme. And now, TikTok has introduced a new party trend for the 21+ folks out there: the Borg.

I know what you’re thinking: WTF is a Borg? Trust me, I thought the same thing. According to TikTok, Borg is actually an acronym for “blackout rage gallon.” While I may be in my twenties still, the name has already made me a little queasy. Borgs have been around for a while, but have only gained popularity on TikTok with users sharing their own personal Borg recipes, and making videos of their Borg parties.

While Borgs may have a fancy name, they’re actually pretty straightforward. Essentially, a Borg is a gallon jug of water that folks (of the legal drinking age) add alcohol, MiO flavoring, and Liquid I.V. to. The purpose? Not only to keep you hydrated while you drink, but also to protect yourself from someone slipping something into your jug, since it has a resealable top.

The final touch to a Borg, besides the possible side of aspirin, is naming it. (You heard that right: Gen Z is really out here naming their plastic jugs of refined jungle juice.) All you need to do is come up with a funny saying, usually a play on the word “Borg,” and write it on your jug. But if you’re having trouble coming up with a hilarious Borg name, fear not: I have you covered. And before you use any of these names and head to the function, remember to stay safe and drink responsibly.


Who doesn’t love a spicy pun?

All A-Borg.

Choo choo! The party train is leaving!

Ruth bader gins-borg.

This one is for you, Queen RBG.

Certified lover borg.

Perfect for your next V-Day rager.

Andy Sam-borg.

Any Brooklyn 99 fans in the room?

Our BOrg & savior.

Praying to wake up without a hangover.

Justin Bie-borg.

Once a Belieber, always a Belieber.

Borg-on Donor.

Help! My liver!


Save this one for when Oktoberfest rolls around.

5 Guys, Borg-ers & fries.

After finishing you’re Borg, you’re bound to be a little hungry.


I’m a huge Breaking Bad fan, so I’m already obsessed with this one.

Borg-an Freeman.

This one is God-tier, literally.

Bob’s Borg-ers.

In honor of my roommate’s favorite show.

Borg Farquad.

No comment.


For the classy, socially aware baddies out there.


I’m ready!

F*ck it, we borg.

My new motto.

Queen Eliza-borg.

Long live the queen.

Curious Borg.

Bonus points if you wear a yellow hat.

Greta thun-borg.

The best for last.

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