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50 Gifts Under $50 For Every Person In Your Life, From Your Roomie To Your Work Bestie

It’s giving time, besties! Although the chaos that is holiday shopping hasn’t yet taken its full form, it’s a good idea to get started on that gift list so you don’t experience any last minute mishaps. If you’re like me and have a ton of other holidays to buy for during this season, like anniversaries or, more specifically, Sagittarius birthdays (thanks, Sag queens), then you’ve got quite the shopping haul on your hands. But when you’re a busy college student on a budget, it can be pretty overwhelming to shop for everyone — not to mention the hefty toll it takes on your wallet. That’s why I’ve rounded up the best gifts under $50 for every person in your life! Whoever you’re shopping for — whether it’s your SO, parents, roommates, friends, or work besties, I’m here to help you find the perfect holiday gift.

On the hunt for a unique gift for your long-term SO that you haven’t done already? I’ve got you covered. Searching for a practical present for your roomies? There’s tons! Want to find a gift for your new work buddies? Consider a multifunctional water bottle or super comfy cloud slippers. Trying to grab a budget-friendly yet meaningful gift for your bestie? Why not snag the hottest tools for them to stay on top of the latest trends (or multiple tools, if you’re feeling extra giving)?

Your Significant Other

Birkenstock Clog Dupe

After a week of styling my Birkenstock Boston Clog dupes, I knew I needed to purchase a pair for my partner. These Birkenstock dupes from Amazon ($40) super cute and totally practical — the perfect staple shoe for your SO’s closet!

Mounted Toothbrush Holder

Are you and your partner getting serious? Nothing says “I wouldn’t mind if you spent the night” like a mounted toothbrush holder ($18) for two.

AERLANG Massage Gun

I’ve been on the giving and receiving side of this gift, and trust me, it’s perfect for your significant other! After a long day of classes, the AERLANG Massage Gun ($39) is a lovely way to decompress. 

Lekue Microwave Grill

Can you tell I’m a fan of functional gifts? If your SO is a sandwich lover, the Lekue Microwave Grill ($39) is perfect — especially for those who love eating at home but might not have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen.

Foodie Dice

I’m sure you’ve seen the popular Foodie Dice ($24) before, but as someone whose whole personality is being indecisive, I’d love to receive this gift from my SO!

Pedicure Equipment

Treat your partner to a spa-like pedicure with a bubble foot soaker ($25) and pedicure set ($10)!

Adventure Scrapbook

If you and your lover are the adventurous type, consider snagging this handmade Adventure Scrapbook ($38)! It’ll hold all of your sweetest memories and is ready for the ones to come.

Sex Advent Calendar

Give your partner this *spicy* Sex Advent Calendar ($30) at the beginning of December for a sexy Christmas countdown. This unique advent calendar includes 24 naughty couples activities and kinky gifts!

Love Scratch Off Mixtape Playlist
Uncommon Goods

IMO, the sweetest gifts are those that take you on a trip down memory lane. With the Love Scratch Off Mixtape Playlist ($20), you can add songs that are meaningful to the both of you. It uses a QR code to access your love-themed playlist! Let the music do the talking, besties.

Plush Warmie

If you’re doing the whole mid-distance relationship thing like I am, then a Plush Warmie ($30) is the perfect gift for your SO that misses your comforting presence. The Sloth Hugs Plushie comes with two cute sloths, is scented with french lavender, and can be chilled or microwaved!

Your Parents

Personalized Recipe Book

I might not be as gifted of a cook as my mom, but I’d give anything to have a complete list of her amazing recipes! With this personalized recipe book from Etsy ($25), you can collect your family’s favorite recipes and keep them for generations to come.

Customized Grill Set

Want to up your parents’ grilling experience? This bamboo wood customized grill set ($48) comes with six handy grilling tools! Design your own engraving for the perfect personal touch.

Neck and Back Massager

This neck and back massager from Amazon ($48) has eight deep-kneading shiatsu massage heads and is perfect for the home, office, or car!

Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

My dad is constantly misplacing his eyeglasses, and yes, I take after his forgetful ways, but it does get old! With a magnetic eyeglass holder ($23), your parents will be able to keep their readers close and secure.

Tile Pack

Another practical gift, a pack of tile trackers ($25) is perfect for the forgetful parent in your life! Tile trackers help you find and track your things using Bluetooth communication. This pack from Amazon comes with two tiles, great for both parents!

Custom City Map Print

The best type of artwork is the kind that means something special to the person you’re gifting it to. With a custom city map print from Etsy ($30), you can give your parents a snapshot of their native city that they’ll love!

WELLAND Outdoor Wine Table

What better gift for your wine-connoisseur parents than a portable wine table? They can bring this WELLAND Outdoor Wine Table ($30) with them when they’re relaxing in the park, sitting by the beach, or joining you for family weekend football games on campus.

Compost Caddy Bin

I’m definitely purchasing this compost caddy bin ($49) for my folks. Bring on an easier cleanup in the kitchen!

Mini Air Purifier

Your parents will love a mini air purifier ($40) — it’ll help reduce airborne dust, smoke, pet dander, odors, and help improve the air quality in your home.

Rainfall Shower head

Don’t underestimate the power of a new, high pressure rainfall shower head ($18) as a gift! It’s something that most people overlook, but it can make all the difference in the bathroom. I have a rainfall shower head myself and I love it!

Your Roomies

Portable Blender

A portable blender ($49) is the perfect gift for your smoothie-loving roomie. Plus, if you’re getting tired of the loud blending sounds in the morning (sorry, old roomies) this handheld blender makes little to no sound.

Subscription to their Fave MAgazine

A subscription to your roomie’s favorite magazine ($5) is the perfect way to spruce up your living room reads while also showing you care. I’d love to receive a Vogue subscription as a present, but make sure to know what your roommate loves to read to make it more personal.

Homesick Candle

If your roommate has the blues about being away from home, gifting them a Homesick candle ($38) with the scent of their hometown is a great way to soothe their mind.

World’s Smallest Vacuum

If your roommate is a tad bit messy (it’s OK, you still love them), then the World’s Smallest Vacuum from Amazon ($15) is the perfect gift.

Stasher Sandwich 3-Pack Reusable Food Bags

Your constantly on-the-go roomie will appreciate this three pack of Stasher Sandwich 3-Pack Reusable Food Bags ($26). On top of replacing plastic bags in your dorm, they’re dishwasher safe and microwave and freezer friendly.

Mini Air Fryer

As a crispy food lover, I’d love to receive a mini air fryer ($40) as a gift for my college kitchen, and your roomie will love it, too!

Mini Donut Maker

You’ll be having brunch with your roomies on a daily basis when you gift them this adorable mini donut maker ($23) for the holidays!

Achievement Stickers

You and your roommates will be there for each other’s best and worst days over the years, and for the latter, these hilarious achievement stickers ($10) will surely put a smile on their face.

Class Bento Virtual Craft Experience

If you and your roomie are looking for a casual bonding night activity, then a virtual craft night ($20) is the way to go. At Class Bento, you can choose between making candles at home, learning to make chocolate, a sip and paint night, and much more!

Weighted Blanket

You might not be seeing your roomie in the common areas any time soon after you gift them a weighted blanket ($25) for their room this holiday season! 

Your Besties

Crystal Face Roller + GUa Sha Set

This Crystal Face Roller + Gua Sha Set ($27) is nothing new, but it’s a lovely gift for your bestie. It’ll help them relax and relieve tension in their face after a long day.

UV LED Nail Lamp

Help your bestie stay on top of the latest nail trends with their very own UV LED nail lamp ($28)!

Birthstone Jewelry

For your astrology obsessed girlfriends, gift them a personalized birthstone necklace ($11). I’m a June Moonstone, for those reading (*wink wink*).

The Box Of Emotions

The Box Of Emotions ($18) is an enjoyable way to identify and explore your feelings. If your bestie seems to be stuck in an emotional rut, this lovely set of cards will help bring on positive feelings during the holidays.

Mixology Bartender Kit

A bartending set ($23) is the perfect gift for your besties that live in an apartment. This one from Amazon includes a 24-ounce shaker, Hawthorne strainer, mojito muddler, double jigger, ice tongs, mixing spoon, two liquor pourers, a bottle opener, and corkscrew.

Cocktail or Mocktail Book

Snag The Mini Bar cocktail book ($20) to go along with your bestie’s new bartender kit. If they’d rather go alcohol free, consider purchasing a mocktail book ($15)!

Viori Hair Shampoo ANd Conditioner Bar Set

I’ve been using the Viori Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Set ($35) for almost a year now, and I will never go back to regular bottled hair products! Handmade by the Red Yao tribe in the mountains of Longsheng, this is the perfect gift for your bestie who wants to up their hair game.

KOV Daily Hair Clip

The KOV Daily Hair Clip ($20) is the best claw clip on the market for thick-haired gals (trust me, I’ve been searching for forever!). Your bestie will love this trendy accessory that comes in 13 different colors.

Mark & Graham Jewelry Case

This Mark & Graham jewelry case ($45) with a raffia finish is a luxurious and thoughtfully designed gift your bestie can use to store all of their favorite pieces.

Custom Charm Bracelet

Customize a bracelet ($21) for you and your bestie with these adorable Italian charms from Etsy. From butterflies and black cats to rainbows and “friends forever” charms, this custom bracelet you make will be the perfect gift for your bestie!

Your Work Friends

Water Carafe

Your work bestie will love this chic personalized water carafe from Etsy ($10) for their desk. They’ll never have to leave their seat for a glass of water again!

Custom Name Plate

Spruce up your colleague’s work space with a gorgeous custom name plate from Etsy ($24). You can add their name and title, and choose from over 100 designs!

BIndle Bottle

The highly-rated Bindle Bottle ($24) will become your work bestie’s everyday beverage container. The 13-ounce design in black unscrews at the bottom for waterproof storage — perfect for keys, snacks, AirPods, and other small valuables!

Maxi-Matic Hyperchiller

If your colleague is always rolling into work with an iced coffee from Starbucks, consider gifting them the Maxi-Matic Hyperchiller ($25). It will chill their hot coffee in less than 60 seconds! Now your work bestie can save a few bucks and make their coffee at home.

Cloud Slippers

A pair of comfy Cloud Slippers ($24) are the perfect gift for your fashionable work bestie who loves to sport heels to the office. They can slip them on after their morning iced coffee!

BAGGU Medium Nylon Crescent Bag

The BAGGU Medium Nylon Crescent Bag ($49) is large enough for more than just the everyday work essentials. With this stylish crossbody, your coworker can carry everything they need for the day and will look chic while doing it!

Succulent Care Package

If your work bestie needs to liven up their workspace a little, gift them an adorable succulent care package ($18)! With this box from Etsy, you can choose from over 200 lovely gift items. Personally, I’d go for the adorable mini disco ball and the beautiful rose quartz stone to go along with their new plants.

Personalized Dog Bowl

If your coworker never stops gushing about their precious pet, give them a customized food bowl ($17) with their fur baby’s name engraved on it!

Footrest For Under Desk

This footrest from Amazon ($20) is perfect for your work bestie with back pain. It can easily slide under their desk for everyday use!

Custom Logo Stamper

Give your coworker this adorable custom logo stamper from Etsy ($8) as a functional and personalized gift. You can create your own design with your work bestie’s initials or name, and they can use the stamper for all of their girl bossing needs!

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