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Here’s What To Buy Your SO Depending On How Long You’ve Been Together

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Whether gift-giving is your love language or not, I’m sure we could all use a little extra inspo this holiday season… especially when it comes to picking out the perfect gift(s) for our significant others. 

Been dating for two months? What about for two years? Either way, you’ll learn that gifts tend to evolve with the progression of the relationship. After all, you probably won’t be planning a surprise dream getaway for someone you only just started seeing 6 weeks ago. Instead, you may opt for a nice evening out or for some fuzzy socks, face masks, and a little bundle of their favorite snacks. 

This holiday season, say goodbye to the stress of figuring out what to get your SO, and hello to this big list of ideas that’ll help guide you towards the perfect gift for your perfect person. All of these ideas are based on how long you’ve been together, and you can of course just use them as suggestions. Time to scroll, shop, and surprise your SO, bestie!

If You’ve Been Dating For 1-3 months:

Ah sweet, sweet beginnings. Maybe things are just starting to feel a bit more serious, or maybe things are still feeling simple, flirtatious, and fun. Don’t fret if you find yourself struggling a bit with what to get your SO 1-3 months into your relationship. This may be the first gift-giving experience you two have ever had, so it’s totally normal to still be figuring out each other’s wants, needs, and interests. 

image 43

You can’t go wrong with gifting a practical, everyday essential like a Hydroflask (Amazon, $38) water bottle or mug. Everyone’s gotta hydrate, so why not hydrate in style? 

Date night scratch-off set
image 44

What’s better than giving the gift of more dates?! Or, gifting ideas for those future dates, at least. A scratch-off card set like this (Amazon, $20) will definitely inspire many new adventures and should keep things interesting. 

A sweet gift card (literally)

Since things are just heating up, remember that you don’t really need to exchange physical gifts. You could pick a day during the holiday season to split a nice dinner together, or grab each other a gift card to a new dessert place you want to try out. 

If You’ve Been Dating For 4-6 months:

Now that a bit more time has passed, it’s totally okay if the prices of certain gifts go up a bit. Or if there’s some deeper meaning associated with the things you’re buying (or making) for your person. 

By the 4-6 month mark, you’ll probably be well aware of the things your partner likes and needs. I’m talking essentials like clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Now’s your time to style them, with your gifts, OFC! Just be sure to always save the receipts, bestie. 

Everyday card pouch
image 45

Still an everyday essential, just a bit more expensive than something like a water bottle. A cardholder or wallet (lululemon, $34) is something your SO can use every single day. Plus, there’s lots of joy and satisfaction to be had in seeing them use the gift you got them. 

A quality hoodie
image 46
Abercrombie & fitch

If you’re into stealing your SO’s hoodies, now’s the time to order a new one! (Abercrombie & Fitch, $70) We all know you’ll be “borrowing” it back soon, too — it’s a win-win for both parties. 

If You’ve Been Dating For 1-2 years:

Seems like things are getting serious! Now is the time to get a little more creative with your gifts, and maybe even a little more personal and sentimental.

Personal card game
image 47

A year or two-long relationship isn’t short by any means, but there’s definitely still more you and your partner have left to learn about each other. Take a deep dive into getting *personal* with card games like this one! (Amazon, $25)

Concert tickets

Gifting an experience gives you lifelong memories in return. You can’t ever go wrong surprising your SO with concert, theater, or comedy show tickets. 

Distance Lamps
image 49

Shoutout to my long-distance duos. This gift (Amazon, $169) is a fun one to keep you connected with your special someone from afar. 

A Polaroid camera
image 50

Keep capturing those memories by gifting a trendy-yet-practical Polaroid camera! (Polaroid, $100)

If You’ve Been Dating For 3-5 years:

I get it: at this point in a relationship, the ideas are running a little dry. However, here are a few options to give you some inspo for a rad holiday gift.

Book a weekend trip

Honestly, you can do this one at any relationship stage (so long as you feel ready), but booking one or two nights at a nearby hotel is a great way to spend quality time together and celebrate the holidays or other special occasions!

Photo bracelet
image 51
Mint & lily

This one’s all over TikTok, and rightfully so since it really is the cutest idea. Super simple and subtle, these bracelets (Mint & Lily, $38) are a great way to remind yourselves of how much you mean to one another.

Cocktail Kit

For all of you 21+ couples, gifting a cocktail-making kit (Amazon, $27) will come in handy for future pregame nights with your friends or for having dinner and drinks in! You can try your hand at new recipes and learn what your favorite mixes are together. 

If You’ve Been Dating For 6+ years:

Oh, so ya’ll are in it for the long haul. Honestly, you probably don’t need any advice at this point since you know your person inside and out! Still, thank you for trusting me to provide some possible gift ideas:

Shared Subscription Box

Gifting a subscription to something that the two of you can share is a great gift! Keep in mind, it’s something you’d continually have to pay for… but hey, if you’ve been together this long, that’s probably not something to stress over. You can always cancel if you and/or your partner end up not using it, too.  

Couple’s Bucket list
image 52

You and your partner should feel so proud of how far you’ve come, but don’t fret if the two of you ever feel like you’ve hit a slump. This couple’s bucket list (Amazon, $50) is the perfect gift to get you both out of your comfort zone and try new things together

Book The big trip

Break out of your routine and embark on the best gift ever: a romantic getaway with your favorite person. It doesn’t have to be crazy fancy or expensive either. You could plan a camping trip, a road trip to a new place you’ve been wanting to check out, or even do a staycation at a hotel or resort nearby. You and your SO will be thanking you later when you’re sipping your drinks by a beach or exploring a brand new city. 

No matter what gift(s) you end up picking out for your SO this year, I hope that they come from the heart and will only continue to deepen and strengthen your relationship. Happy holidays and happy gift-giving! 

Rylie Walsh is a recent graduate of Loyola Marymount University, where she earned her degree in Communication Studies and English! She was President of Her Campus LMU for the 2021-22 school year and is also a Her Campus National Writer. When she's not reading, writing, or working, you can find her hanging out with friends, SoulCycling, or enjoying her all time favorite dessert: a Pressed freeze.