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Micah \'Love Is Blind\'
Micah \'Love Is Blind\'
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Micah & Zack Fought At The ‘LIB’ Reunion & The Claws Came Out

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 ahead. OK, can we just talk about that Love Is Blind reunion? From the massive live stream delay to that conversation between Irina and Zack, I’d venture to say that this reunion was one of Netflix’s most eventful… probably ever.

However, one of the most shocking moments of the reunion was the fight between Micah and Zack. ICYMI, Micah was one of Season 4’s biggest villains (aside from her friend, Shelby) and she was engaged to Paul. However, when the two headed to the altar, and Paul said “I don’t” to Micah, things went South — fast. Because Paul said no, Micah felt as though he was never in the relationship for the right reasons. Things ended on a bit of a rocky note, and fans of the show didn’t get the closure they wanted until the live stream become available to all audiences.

So, when the two met again for the reunion, fans of the show weren’t surprised to smell tea brewing. Micah and Paul talked about their breakup, and although the tea only really happened between the two of them, Paul’s fellow castmate Zack had no problem making his opinion heard, too. (I’m not surprised, the guy is literally a lawyer.)

“I’m gonna be real with you here, Micah: you’re coming after Paul here this whole time, this entire time, people have been attacking you,” Zack said. “Paul has tried to make peace with you this entire time, and I see you over there right now and I understand this is hard but…it looks like you’re here for blood.” Oh, dang.

The two went back and forth for a while, and Twitter was excited to be in the front row of this feud.

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