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love is blind season 4 finale
love is blind season 4 finale
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The ‘Love Is Blind’ Cast Had The Best Responses To The Reunion Delay

Though the Love Is Blind live reunion might have crashed, the cast is still making the most of it. Our burning questions might have to wait, but thanks to the past and present cast we are getting a behind-the-scenes look at the live event — and some hilarious responses to the delay. From Season 3’s Nancy Rodriguez going live to an appearance from Perfect Match star Joey Sasso on Season 1’s Damian Power’s live, the Love Is Blind cast is right there with us as we wait out the Season 4 reunion delay.

With over 45,000 viewers, Season 3’s Nancy Rodriguez went live on Instagram to entertain Love Is Blind fans as they wait out the Netflix Love Is Blind reunion. She showcased the set as well as teased who is there, including crossovers from Bachelor Nation and past cast members like Season 2’s Mallory Zapata. On her live, fans overheard that the Netflix viewing party will be available to watch the live reunion and the rest will be able to watch it later on.

Besties from Season 2, Deepti and Iyanna, are also in attendance and jumped on the live stream train. They were seen sitting next to Season 1’s Damian Powers, who also went live. It seems that the Love Is Blind reunion audience is a multiverse of reality shows, because Joey Sasso from Perfect Match made an appearance on Powers’ stream.

Many other cast and audience members continued the live streams amid the growing anticipation for the reunion to start working, including Season 3’s Cole Barnett. Leave it to Barnett to make jokes about the audience members on his live, such as accusing Season 2’s Natalie Lee of “flirting with every guy” at the reunion.

If members of the cast weren’t live, then they were poking fun at the delay on their social media. Season 4’s Brett Brown jokingly said the delay was caused by him having to get his pants tailored again — IYKYK. Season 3’s Colleen Reed came to her Instagram story to ask Netflix what is going on and teased she was going to watch Succession. Matt Bolton also reposted one of Colleen’s Instagram stories, joking that the crash was “probably because we’re not there.”

Though Netflix might be dropping the ball, the cast members are picking it up for them.

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