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shelby from love is blind season 4
shelby from love is blind season 4
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Micah’s Friend Shelby From ‘LIB’ Is Super Private On The Internet

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 follow. This season of Love Is Blind has been interesting, to say the least. With the finale coming up on April 7, the internet is anxiously awaiting the fate of their favorite couples. Now, while I am a shameless consumer of reality TV drama, I refuse to stand for one thing: mean girl behavior. And, unfortunately, this season was full of it.

From the jump, cast members Irina and Micah established themselves as the villains of the season. From laughing at other women’s post-breakup pain, to making fun of their literal fiancés, these two demonstrated behavior that would’ve made the girls in my high school English class cringe. But what the internet found even worse than Irina and Micah’s behavior was the behavior of Micah’s friend, Shelby.

While she’s not a cast member, Shelby has been a topic of discussion on the internet since her appearance in Episode 8 of Love Is Blind. After Micah introduced her to her fiancé Paul, Shelby didn’t hold back in letting her friend, and Paul, know her feelings about him. From berating Paul to his face, to crying to Micah about her decision, Shelby made quite the impression on the Love Is Blind fandom. And, ICYMI, it wasn’t exactly a good one.

Since Shelby’s appearance on LIB, viewers have been curious about her life outside of the show. So, I took the liberty to do a bit of sleuthing. TBH, it was a lot harder than I thought.

What is Shelby from Love Is Blind‘s Instagram?

If you were also looking for Shelby’s IG after the show, you probably stumbled across the problem that Micah is following, like, six different girls named Shelby. However, after really looking into it, I discovered that Shelby’s IG is @shelbytschohl, a private account with only 1.7k followers. Her other accounts online are also private, including her TikTok.

Other than a deleted TikTok, Shelby hasn’t made any public statements regarding her appearance on the show. However, I’m sure fans are interested to hear her perspective of her behavior given the reception. Only time will tell!

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