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Travis Kelce’s & Taylor Swift’s Zodiac Compatibility Is Tea, Y’all

If there’s one thing about Taylor Swift’s dating life you need to know, it’s that she’s going to surprise us every time. From her long-time former partner Joe Alwyn, to Matty Healy, Blondie makes sure to keep it interesting. Recently, there is (allegedly) a new guy she has been seeing: Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. And Taylor Swift’s and Travis Kelce’s zodiac compatibility is tea, y’all.

But first, some background. Kelce has wanted to get Swift’s attention since July 2023, and he tried to shoot his shot in a creative way: During one of the stops on her Era’s Tour, Kelce tried to give Swift’s phone number on a friendship bracelet, which he described on The New Heights Podcast. Of course, Swift is a busy gal, so she didn’t receive it, but we love the dedication.

It seems like we are finally getting some confirmation that these two are finally spending some time together. According to The Messenger, the two have been “quietly hanging out.” I love these two together, and the stars are (sort of) aligning. Swift and Kelce’s zodiac compatibility is an interesting one, and I’m gonna tell you all about it. 

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce compatible (astrologically)?

Let’s get right to it: Swift is a proud Sagittarius. She even hinted at it before her speech at the VMAs last night, when she called Nicki Minaj her “favorite Sagittarius.” Sagittarians are so unique — they’re represented by the archer (which, of course, is also one of her best songs), so they are not afraid to take risks. 


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According to Allure, Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning it is associated with adaptability and flexibility, something that is “Nothing New” to Blondie. Sagittarians also are born-explorers and it is essential that they have freedom to roam. 

Of course, Sagittarius has its faults too, as it is known for brutal honesty and bluntness. But, Sagittarius doesn’t take anything too seriously. 

As for Kelce, he is a Libra (oh boy). Libra’s are known for being flirty, indecisive, and can also be prone to lying… but let’s pretend this doesn’t apply to Kelce. However, Libra’s are also diplomatic, and want everybody to get along. Now this sounds like Kelce. 


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According to astrological compatibility, Sagittarius and Libra aren’t the most compatible. For Swift, a Sagittarius, her most compatible signs are fellow fire signs (Leo and Aries). For Kelce, a Libra, he would be most compatible with fellow air signs (Aquarius and Gemini). 

However, this is not the end-all-be-all. Air signs share a similar wit and dynamism as Sagittarius do, so there is some astrological hope for these two. With communication and dedication, there’s a definite possibility that these two would work IRL.

Even if these two had no sort of astrological compatibility, I still want to see them together. And let’s be real here, they would make for a hilarious, beautiful, and iconic couple. 

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