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Getting Tickets To The 2023 VMAs Isn’t As Hard As You Might Think

Growing up in the late 2000s and early 2010s had its perks: I constantly got to see Twilight on a daily basis, collected Teen Vogue magazines with my parents, and watched every MTV award show that aired during the summer months. There’s something about the loud performances, bright neon colors, and the iconic astronaut statue that sealed me in from a young age. MTV has paved the way for some of our most iconic pop culture moments, and it’s primarily due to one event: The VMAs. 

For anyone who needs a refresher on what the VMAs (aka the Video Music Awards) are, it’s essentially the younger generation’s equivalent to the Grammy’s. Established in 1984, the VMAs have seen it all: Madonna performing Vogue in Marie-Antoinette’s inspired wardrobe in 1990, Britney Spears dancing with a real albino snake, and Taylor Swift announcing the release of Midnights while receiving the 2022 Video of the Year Award. 

It’s no doubt that moments like these (and many more) have made entertainment fanatics want to attend the VMAs for a chance to meet some of their favorite artists and be a part of pop culture history. You may be asking yourself, “Well, how I can attend the VMAs?” I’ve done my research and I’m here to share how you can score tickets to annual event.

First, you’ll need to check out 1iota

The 2023 Video Music Awards will be taking place this year in Newark, New Jersey on Sept. 12. For fans in that area or anyone who is interested in traveling to the VMAS, you’re going to want to check out 1iota. 

1iota is a company that helps fans secure tickets to exclusive screenings, music festivals, and red carpet events. For the last few years, 1iota has been the best way to secure tickets to the VMAs — and it’s completely free! 

When you click on 1iota’s website, you will see a section specifically for the 2023 VMAs. Once you click on it, the site will take you to a page where you can apply to attend the VMAs. You can choose to be a fan on the red carpet, a fan in the pit, a superseated fan, or a seat filler. The only thing 1iota asks is how many tickets you’re interested in and what artist you’re most excited to see at the VMAs this year. Once you submit a request, you’re in a lottery system and may hear back if you’re selected. 

If you don’t get selected, there’s still a way to attend the 2023 VMAs

Since VMAs tickets are always in high demand, it can be hard to get selected from 1iota. The Prudential Center, where the VMAs are being held this year, allows fans to sign up on the website to score tickets. Tickets to the show are also sold on Stubhub, but they’re very expensive. The cheapest ticket cost $1,204 for a seat not even close to the stage.

If that’s how much a nosebleed seat is, I don’t even want to know the price for seats on the main floor.

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