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Micah, Paul, and Paul\'s mother on \'Love Is Blind.\'
Micah, Paul, and Paul\'s mother on \'Love Is Blind.\'
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Paul’s Mom & Micah From ‘Love Is Blind’ Are Friends, & Twitter Has Thoughts

Love Is Blind: After The Altar Season 4 has hit Netflix — and it’s taken over my entire morning. And while a majority of the internet is excited to see who is still together from Love Is Blind Season 4, an unexpected duo is sending the internet into orbit: Paul’s mom and Micah, Paul’s ex. Turns out, the two have remained friends since the messy finale — and X (formerly Twitter) has some thoughts about it.

Love Is Blind is a (delicious) recipe for drama. ICYMI, the show focuses on a bunch of singles who sign up to date other singles, sight unseen (in these weird little rooms called “pods,” nonetheless). After a few days, you can either choose to propose to the person on the other side of the wall, or leave the show without a partner. Since these people don’t really know each other — but are, apparently, getting married now — when they head back to the “real world,” drama ensues and reality TV gold is born.

Paul and Micah were one of the most tumultuous relationships featured in Season 4. In the pods, Paul had to decide between another single, Amber, and his eventual fiancé Micah. Once the two left the pods, and headed back to reality, Micah and Paul’s relationship started to fall apart. All of the passive aggression came to a head when Paul met Micah’s best friend, Shelby, who made him so uncomfortable that he had to fully walk away from the conversation. So, it really was no surprise that Paul said “I don’t” at the altar, ending things with Micah… much to his own mother’s dismay.

Paul’s mother (Liz) was a big fan of Micah. From the moment they met, Liz fawned over Micah and even said the two of them were “twins.” Now, with the release of After The Altar, it was revealed that Liz and Micah remained in contact after the breakup — and Liz was still holding out for Paul and Micah to get back together, even if Paul has an entirely new partner. Seriously.

In the first episode of After The Altar, Liz and Micah are shown heading out for a lunch date together. During the entire date, Liz repeatedly said that Paul’s new partner was nothing close to Micah, and that she still wanted the two to get back together. What I would give to be a fly on the wall when Paul watches this episode, y’all.

Naturally, X (formerly Twitter) has been talking nonstop about the interaction. And let’s just say, they are not having it.

It’s giving messy.

Most of the internet has the same thought for the most part: “WTF?”

Some folks aren’t even bothering to engage at this point.

For the most part, though, the internet is not here for this friendship.

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