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Chelsea and Kwame get engaged on \'Love Is Blind\'
Chelsea and Kwame get engaged on \'Love Is Blind\'
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The Astrological Compatibility Of These ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Couples

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 ahead. Honestly, we should just let the stars pick the couples on reality TV. From the constant breakups on The Perfect Match to the tumultuous last season of Too Hot To Handle, I have little faith that reality TV contestants actually know what they’re doing in terms of love. If I had it my way, I’d have an astrologer behind the scenes — analyzing the cast’s natal charts in order to create unproblematic couples… for once.

Sadly, this just isn’t the case, and Love Is Blind Season 4 is proof of that. While we’re only a few episodes in, I (as an astrologer lover) can already look into my crystal ball to hypothesize where these relationships are headed. With four engaged couples at this point, I’ve already taken the liberty of cyberstalking these couples in order to find out if love is truly blind — to the universe, that is.

If you’re anything like me and wondering how these engagements are going to pan out, don’t worry. I’ve consulted the universe, and the cast members’ natal charts, to see if these pairings stand a chance in the cosmos. Keep in mind, however, that astrological compatibility should be taken with a grain of salt: While there can be some patterns in your dating history (I have a thing for Scorpios, OK?), your natal chart is not the end-all-be-all of compatibility. For some of these couples, their natal compatibility is the least of their worries.

Tiffany & Brett:

These two are already getting the Lauren and Cameron edit of Season 4, and I’m not mad at it — they’re so cute. Right off the bat, they had chemistry, and that only heightened when the two met IRL. Let’s just say, the stars predicted this one: Tiffany is a firey and spontaneous Sagittarius, while Brett is a mysterious and sensual Scorpio. While these signs are known for having a lot of sexual tension, they’re also two of the most adventurous and excitement-craving signs in the zodiac.

However, things aren’t all roses for this pairing. Scorpios may be craving a more intense emotional connection, which Sagittarius may be hesitant to give in to. Communication is key with these two: Sagittarius needs to open up, and Scorpio needs to be respectful of their emotional boundaries. Here’s to hoping these two work out!

Jackie & Marshall:

These two are having a bit of a tumultuous relationship already, and their signs definitely show that. Jackie is a hard-working Capricorn, while Marshall is a hard-headed Virgo. Since they’re both Earth signs, these two may share similar values in terms of security, finances, and long-term goals. However, there’s still some room for trouble between these two signs.

Capricorns are very set in their ways, and so are Virgos. In order for this pairing to work, they need to be willing to compromise and grow together! If now, this can lead to a ton of miscommunication and resentment.

Micah & Paul:

I think I’ve seen this film before. Micah is a Pisces while her match, Paul, is an Aries: fire and water make for an interesting combination. These two may get along because Pisces craves adventure, and Aries is all about spontaneity. Additionally, Pisces might be able to bring a bit of calming energy to this firey sign’s life.

However, these two differ in terms of emotional needs. The water sign in the relationship could be struggling to feel validated, but Aries isn’t sure how to give them that validation. Similarly, Aries might want their partner to be stronger with their emotions, and not depend on them as much for validation. The best advice for this pair? Embrace your differences and communicate your needs.

Chelsea & Kwame:

In the zodiac, Taurus is symbolized by the bull while Aries is symbolized by the ram. So, you can probably guess just how stubborn these two are, and how likely they are to go head-to-head. Chelsea, who is a Taurus, and Kwame, who’s an Aries, definitely clicked in terms of sexual chemistry, which is a given for this pairing. However, once other people started to get into the mix, this couple quickly started to clash. Both signs can be stuck in their ways and resistant to change, which can lead to a lot of confrontation.

If this pair really wants to make it work, they need to be willing to compromise. Taurus isn’t going to be right all of the time, and Aries isn’t always going to get the last word. If these two can actually talk out their differences, instead of heading straight for defense, they have a real shot at making it work.

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