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This New App Matches Your Music to Your Run

Nothing can get you through the darkest parts of a brutal run like an upbeat, jam-worthy song. The hardest part is finding the ones that you can time perfectly to your workout. But now, Spotify and adidas have teamed up to make your run much less painful. With adidas go, a new app on the market, the music will adjust to match your pace—ultimately allowing you to listen to the right song at the right time.

adidas go uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to calculate the user’s stride rate to automatically identify and play tracks with matching beats per minute from Spotify’s library. This will allow users to have a unique experience that caters to their very own pace and fitness level.

“For many people having the right music playing while you run can provide the perfect boost of energy to enhance your running experience,” said Adrian Leek, General Manager of adidas Running. “adidas go lets your energy level control the music that plays during your run, so you’re always in control. For the first time, instead of runners listening to music, music will listen to runners.”

Not only does this app play songs that match a user’s pace, but it also has the knowledge to select music that a user may enjoy based on their preferred playlists, artists and genres. Now, users won’t have to face the struggle of trying to create the perfect workout playlist that will contain songs that’ll keep the motivation high, making a run something to look forward to.

The motivation doesn’t stop once the run finishes, either. After a workout is over, users can use the app to review and save their distance, time, pace, and adidas miCoach Runscore as well as any music they discovered during the workout. Users can even share their progress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Once a user downloads the app, they will receive a free 7-day Spotify Premium trial where they can opt to listen to their own music or choose from a variety of preselected playlists provided by Spotify. Once the trial is over, they will have a choice to upgrade to premium or continue to use their own music library.

With adidas go, users can actually enjoy a grueling run accompanied by a playlist carefully crafted to fit the peaks and lulls of each unique run. Available to users with iPhone 4S models and up, this innovative app is the best answer for those who wish to enjoy exercising yet lack the motivation. With adidas go, users can use music to push them further than they’ve ever gone before.

Carly is a sophomore at the University of Michigan majoring in Communications with a minor in Digital Studies. She adores travelling and super corny inspirational quotes. Some fun facts: she owns way too many cat sweaters and her signature order at IHOP is a double order of bacon. Follow her on instagram and twitter @ cargriffinn.
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