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bartise in love is blind season 3
bartise in love is blind season 3
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Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’ Cast Is *Stacked,* You Guys

On. Jan 17, Netflix announced the cast of their (yet another) brand-new reality television dating show, Perfect Match, and you may just recognize some of these faces. No, actually, you might just recognize every single one of them, as the cast is made up of previous Netflix reality stars. Yeah, you read that right: Previous stars from shows like Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle are coming together… to date each other. Essentially, the show is just like The Bachelor franchise’s spin-off show Bachelor in Paradise, except with singles from the Netflix universe. So, who is a part of the Perfect Match cast list? Hold onto your seats, because I’ve got the tea, and it’s piping hot. 

Netflix stunned viewers with the announcement of the new reality TV dating show, mostly because it’s going to bring together some of the most beloved and infamous stars that have been on some of the program’s past shows. If you’re a fan of all things Netflix reality TV, this is definitely the show for you. 

There are a few casted singles that have caught our attention, for a multitude of reasons. Plenty of the Perfect Match Season 1 cast members are known for stirring up drama, which will make this season a fun one to watch. Seriously, there’s been rumors of some of the cast members already dating before the show, and one that is in a fully-fledged public relationship… Wow.

This show is either going to be a trainwreck just waiting to happen, or my new favorite binge-watch. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Perfect Match Season 1 cast.

Abbey Humphreys: Twentysomethings: Austin Season 1

Abbey Humphreys is no secret to dating on reality TV, so it’ll be engrossing seeing her interact with the rest of the Perfect Match Season 1 cast. 

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere: Selling Tampa Season 1

While Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere’s original Netflix show, Selling Tampa, may have been canceled, I’m excited to see her in a new light on Perfect Match.

Bartise Bowden: Love Is Blind Season 3

Yes, you read that right: Love Is Blind’s Bartise Bowden is back on our screens, once again. While participating in Season 3 of Love Is Blind, Bartise stirred up a lot of trouble, and ended up not getting married during the show. Since Bartise is quite the controversial character for the way his relationship with his ex, Nancy, and her family went down, I’m interested to see how he’s going to mesh on Perfect Match. Really, Bartise couldn’t keep his eyes off fellow castmate Raven during his time on Love Is Blind while he was in a full relationship, so will he be able to commit to just one woman on Perfect Match? I guess we’ll find out.

Calvin Crooks: The Circle Season 3

While Calvin Crooks had a short-lived on-screen romance during Season 3 of The Circle, it’ll be gripping to see him on this new show devoted solely to dating.

Chase DeMoor: Too Hot To Handle Season 2

This football player turned boxer is back to give dating on reality TV another go.

Chloe Veitch: Too Hot To Handle Season 1 & The Circle Season 2

Add Netflix series number three to Chloe Veitch’s resume, because she’s joining Season 1 of Perfect Match. Chloe is arguably one of the most known reality stars joining the cast, so of course I’m excited to see her back on my screen. I’m also excited to see just how Chloe and her ex (Mitchell Eason from The Circle Season 2) are going to react when they see each other. My guess: It’s going to be good

Colony Reeves: Selling Tampa Season 1

Thank goodness we’re getting to see the women of Selling Tampa reappear on our screens during Season 1 of Perfect Match. Colony Reeves is ready to find her own match, y’all!

Damian Powers: Love Is Blind Season 1

Damian Powers is another name in the Netflix reality TV universe that you might recognize. After creating some drama and confusion during the After the Altar reunion with another familiar face on this cast list (more on her later), I’m eager to see how his story is going to turn out.

Diamond Jack: Love Is Blind Season 1

While this former NBA dancer might have been through a rough time during Love Is Blind Season 1, she’s back again to see if her man is amongst the cast of Perfect Match.

Dom Gabriel: The Mole

Dom Gabriel is one of two previous The Mole contestants that is on the search for love. 

Francesca Farago: Too Hot To Handle Season 1

Francesca Farago is joining Season 1 of Perfect Match — I repeat, Francesca is joining Season 1 of Perfect Match. Francesca is the best known cast member on this list, for several reasons. She first appeared on Season 1 of Too Hot To Handle, arguably making the show what it’s become today, alongside her just-as-famous ex, Harry Jowsey. Secondly, she shook up Love Is Blind Season 1 when she attended the After the Altar reunion with Damian… who is also a part of the Perfect Match cast.

While I love seeing Francesa on my screen, I’m a little shocked by her casting. You may be wondering… why? Well, because she’s in a very public relationship with Jesse “Sulli” Sullivan (like, moving in together, type-of-serious). I’m sure that Perfect Match was filmed before Francesa entered her relationship with her partner, but it was still pretty perplexing when I found out she was a part of this new dating show.

Georgia Hassarati: Too Hot To Handle Season 3

Georgia Hassarati was known for not following Lana’s rules on Season 3 of Too Hot To Handle, so I’m excited to see how she’ll do on Season 1 of Perfect Match.

Ines Tazi: The Circle France Season 1

After catfishing contestants during The Circle France, I’m ready to see Ines Tazi’s real personality shine through in Perfect Match.

Izzy Fairthorne: Too Hot To Handle Season 3

Izzy Fairthorne is known as one contestant from Too Hot To Handle to have broken quite a few of Lana’s sex rules.

Joey Sasso: The Circle Season 1

Season 1 winner of The Circle, Joey Sasso, is ready to use his charming personality to snatch up a partner on this new dating show. 

Kariselle Snow: Sexy Beasts Season 1

Before taking part in Sexy Beasts, (a show where singles dressed up as… sexy beasts to date) you might have seen Kariselle Snow in MTV’s Are You The One? Seriously, the prosthetics they put on contestants to transform them into literal sexy beasts was so wild, it’s got to be one of the craziest reality TV dating concepts I’ve ever seen. Now, Kariselle is back to find herself the right match in human form. 

Lauren “LC” Chamblin: Love Is Blind Season 1 

Another Love Is Blind OG, Lauren “LC” Chamblin is ready to get to dating again.

Mitchell Eason: The Circle Season 2

Yes, Mitchell Eason is Chloe’s ex. I really can’t wait to see how these two react, especially since they had only broken up a short time before heading to film Perfect Match together. Grab the popcorn.

Nick Uhlenhuth: The Circle Season 3

Nick Uhlenhuth tore up Season 3 of The Circle making big moves and deceiving many, so I’m intrigued to see if he’ll be able to handle dating as well as he did catfishing. 

Savannah Palacio: The Circle Season 2

Savannah Palacio’s time on The Circle Season 2 was short-lived, so let’s see if she can find her true love and make it to the end of Perfect Match.

Shayne Jansen: Love Is Blind Season 2

After getting involved with multiple women during Love Is Blind Season 2, let’s see if Shayne Jansen can commit to just one woman in this new show.

Will Richardson: The Mole 

As our second competitor from The Mole, Will Richardson also comes in as the winner of the show. 

Zay Wilson: The Ultimatum Season 1 

After being known for being a little indecisive during his time on The Ultimatum, let’s see if Zay Wilson can settle down on Perfect Match

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