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Um, What Happened With Bartise & Nancy’s Family In ‘Love Is Blind’?

It’s no secret that Love Is Blind couple Bartise and Nancy have had a mega-toxic relationship — especially considering Bartise is depicted as a literal walking red flag. From the start, the pair worried about their age gap and maturity levels, given that they were in two different places in their lives and careers. More than that, not only did the couple clash on important issues like abortion and kids, but Bartise also appeared to gaslight Nancy constantly (oh, and we obviously can’t forget about when he openly simped over Raven on multiple occasions). Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Season 3 of Love Is Blind follow.

So, it wasn’t a major surprise when the two didn’t end up tying the knot at the altar, with Bartise saying “I do not” — but what was a shock was everything that followed. As Bartise followed Nancy out to talk to her, Nancy’s family ended up getting involved, too, and a huge argument erupted. And to be put simply, it’s a lot to unpack. 

Once Bartise rejected Nancy at the altar, she quickly walked out crying. Bartise stood there for a moment before following Nancy out (after being prompted to by his mom, who told him to “go find her”) and asking her if they could talk. Nancy’s mom, Erendira, tried to talk with them, too, but Bartise asked her (not very nicely, I’ll add) if he and Nancy could have a moment alone, and then he would talk to her later. 

Privately to Nancy, Bartise said, “What I’ve gone through in the real world with you, your family, and with everything we’ve talked about, there’s no way for me, in my head, that it makes sense for me to get up there and say ‘yes.’” Ouch.

As Bartise and Nancy were talking, the camera cut over to Nancy’s family tearfully going over what happened. Steve, Nancy’s younger brother, seemed to be especially distraught, repeatedly telling the rest of the family that he “wish[ed he] had been wrong” about Bartise. Basically, it seems that Steve never had a great feeling about Bartise.

“This is your only sister, and I hear you,” Erendira said to Steve. “You were right the whole time. It’s OK. You can cry all you want. This man is not ready for your sister. It’s OK. I couldn’t do nothing about [it]. She fell in love with him.” Eyes filled with tears, Erendira continued, “I understand your pain. You’re the brother. I gave her birth. She’s my only daughter, you don’t think I’m broken? But I cannot be broken, ‘cause I got to be strong for her.” 

After that, Erendira went back over to Bartise and Nancy. Nancy asked her mom to “go away” again, but Erendira responded, “I’m not gonna go away. This is your mother. And I know you put 100% into this, but this young man is not ready for you. He’s not ready for who you are. Because you’re too much for him. If he says no right now, then that means he’s not prepared to receive you.”

Bartise snapped back, “OK. Let me ask you a question, would you rather have had me say yes today? There’s no way that makes any sense, I’m sorry.” Erendira responded, “Well, you know what? You knew you were gonna say no to this. Why did you let her go [through] all this?” Bartise interjected, saying, “I didn’t know I was gonna say no. I had no clue.” 

Nancy’s family then showed up at the scene, along with Bartise’s mom, who also said that the couple “needed to have their time together” and suggested that the rest of the family leave. Steve insisted on staying, though, saying he wanted to “hear what [Bartise] had to say.” Yikes. Bartise cut him off, saying, “I don’t owe y’all anything. I don’t owe them anything. This is our decision.” Steve continued pressing him, asking for “one small answer” as to why he said no at the altar, and Bartise told him, “Go inside, bro.” OMG. 

The cherry on top? Bartise added, “You’re f*cking this whole thing up, bro. You’re f*cking it all up.” Steve snapped back, “I’m f*cking this up? You’re the one that want[ed] to bring us all out here just to say ‘I don’t,’ and I’m the one f*cking this up?”

After that, the argument eventually dissolved as other family members pulled Erendira and Steve away and Bartise and Nancy went in the other direction to continue their conversation — but wow, that was a lot. There’s been a lot of heated moments in Love Is Blind, but that may have been the most intense one yet. 

It’s safe to say these two likely won’t be continuing their relationship, especially since Nancy told Bartise that they were officially done (she even took off her matching permanent bracelet from her wrist). And honestly? Nancy deserves so much better. 

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