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Here’s Where To Find The New ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Cast On Instagram

Too Hot to Handle is officially back on Netflix, and it’s safe to say I’m ecstatic about this new season. Season 4 debuted on Dec. 7, and we’ve been introduced to an all-new cast of singles from (kind of) around the world. We all know the format of the show: Contestants come together in hopes of earning money, but to do so, they have to stay celibate throughout the duration of filming, which has historically proven to be hard for these wildly attractive singles. With so many memorable old cast members coming out of the show, like Francesa Farago and Harry Jowsey, I’m looking forward to learning more about the Season 4 cast. With that, I’ve been wondering exactly where I can find the current cast of Too Hot to Handle on Instagram. 

Well, of course each of the cast members have their own Instagrams — we are living in the 21st century, to be fair. When Too Hot to Handle first debuted, it skyrocketed the relevancy of some of the singles, with old contestants still being platformed in the spotlight to this day. Hello, we all know and love the infamous story of Farago and Jowsey’s on-again-off-again love affair. So, who can we expect to catch the attention of the viewers during Season 4? And where can we follow them? I’ve got you covered.


Age: 22 

Occupation: Model

Instagram: @Brittan_Byrd

Aloha! Brittan is one of two contestants hailing from Hawaii, and she’s also a model (like some of the other contestants!).


Age: 24 

Occupation: Entrepreneur 

Instagram: @CreedMckinnon

There’s actually only four people from the Too Hot to Handle Season 4 cast that aren’t from the United States, and Creed is one of them: He’s from Perth, Australia.


Age: 23 

Occupation: Student 

Instagram: @DominiqueDefoe

Dominique is a student currently studying computer science, so, yes — she’s got beauty and brains.


Age: 23

Occupation: Student and PT

Instagram: @JamesPendergrass_

James is our second contestant from Hawaii, and he’s also a physical therapist!


Age: 22

Occupation: Model

Instagram: @JawahirKhalifa

Jawahir is a model from Amsterdam, Netherlands who has actually only been in one relationship so far, so I’m excited to see how her journey on Too Hot to Handle plays out.


Age: 22

Occupation: Model

Instagram: @KaylaRichart

Coming to us from Los Angeles, Kayla is a model who is excited to go for what she wants this season.


Age: 28

Occupation: Artist

Instagram: @NickKici

Nick is a travel lover that has apparently hooked up with at least one woman from each country he’s visited… sounds like husband material, no?


Age: 29

Occupation: Entrepreneur and Model

Instagram: @NigelEuro_

Nigel is an entrepreneur and model from New Jersey who is all about bringing good vibes and positive energy. I can’t wait to see how well he meshes with the rest of the Season 4 cast, to be honest.


Age: 24 

Occupation: Racing Driver

Instagram: @SebMelrose

Seb is another contestant from outside the United States: He’s actually from Glasgow, Scotland.


Age: 22

Occupation: Event Manager

Instagram: @SophieStonehouse

Our 10th and final contestant is Sophie, an event manager from Brighton, England!

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