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Matt Rife’s World Tour Ticketmaster Fiasco Is Basically The ‘Eras Tour’ 2.0

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I wake up in a cold sweat thinking about one of the most stressful times in my recent memory: Taylor Swift Ticketmaster-gate. Anyone who also tried to snag tickets to the Eras Tour last November (shoutout to my bestie, Kayleigh, for securing our tickets) remembers the struggle — the seemingly endless queue (with that little walking emoji, mocking us all), the frequent internet glitches, and the ultimate website crash that sent the internet into a frenzy. You would think that the popular ticketing platform, Ticketmaster, would have learned from their errors this time around. However, judging by the internet’s reaction to securing tickets for comedian Matt Rife’s world tour, it seems as though this is Swift-gate 2.0.

OK, let’s be honest. If you’re 1) a Gen Zer, 2) on TikTok, and 3) attracted to boys who are a little mean, you definitely know who Matt Rife is. ICYMI, the comedian has garnered significant popularity on TikTok, especially since he’s more than a pretty face. Sure, Rife is known for his (extremely) good looks, but he’s also a talented comedian — seriously, his crowd work is next level. So, it’s no wonder that, when Rife announced his World Tour on June 5, the girlies pulled through when it became time to buy tickets.

However, the internet is once again proving that snagging tickets to your favorite performer is no laughing matter… especially when you’re using Ticketmaster.

On June 6, tons of fans flooded to the site to secure a spot at one of Rife’s 100+ date shows worldwide. Yet, many were met with glitches, website crashes, and other problems that barred them from grabbing a seat. Is anyone else getting flashbacks, or is it just me?

I’m not alone in this: Apparently, a ton of internet users are comparing the debacle to the infamous Eras Tour fiasco.

I mean, some people had really good seats, only to be taken away at the last minute.

Others couldn’t even get through the queue… sound familiar?

However, I guess some people were able to get their tickets. Great work, soldiers.

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