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Taylor Isn’t At The Ticketmaster Senate Hearing — But Another Artist Is

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift (or were on any form of social media on or after Nov. 15, 2022) you know that Ticketmaster has been under fire since the Eras Tour presale period kicked off. When fans were met with so many restrictions like not receiving presale codes, the site shutting all the way down, and tickets just not being available, Swifties seemingly united to hold the ticket selling service accountable. It was the website crash heard by just about everyone, and it’s about to be reviewed by… the Senate. Yes, you read that right: The United States Senate is looking into the Ticketmaster Eras Tour debacle. With the Ticketmaster Senate hearing kicking off on Jan. 24, there’s one question on everyone’s minds — is Taylor Swift going to be in attendance? 

When Ticketmaster seemingly shut down after the traffic that Swift’s Eras Tour presale attracted, it outraged an abundance of individuals. While Swift later said in a statement on her Instagram that she was “assured” by Ticketmaster that they would be able to handle the “demand” the ticket sales would draw in, it’s clear that the site was not able to sustain the mass influx of fans looking to purchase tickets. 

The entire fiasco has outraged fans and artists alike, with many urging U.S. lawmakers to get involved in ticketing rules and regulations, which is exactly what’s happening now. On Jan. 24, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing to investigate further into the situation. Live Nation Entertainment’s president and CFO, Joe Berchtold, is scheduled to testify regarding the fiasco involving their “child” company, Ticketmaster. 

But what fans really want to know is if Swift will be testifying in the hearing on Jan. 24. To answer your burning question: No, Swift will not be present at the Senate hearing. However, another artist will take the stand to serve as a representative for artists affected by the ticketing service. Clyde Lawrence, a member of Lawrence The Band, testified on Jan. 24 after he made it clear that he was disappointed with the Eras Tour fiasco after his New York Times opinion piece was published in December 2022. He appeared at the hearing with bandmate Jordan Cohen.

In the piece, Lawrence explained his own experience with the ticketing service as a musician, further explaining his stance during the hearing. Lawrence has shared his testimony on social media, in which he argues that while Live Nation intends to “keep costs low while ensuring the best fan experience,” this incentive is not always carried out. Lawrence highlighted that both artists and fans are impacted by “venue costs, merchandise cuts, and ticket fees.”

As for what’s going to come from the Senate hearing, it’s undetermined. We do know that Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) has released statements in which she notes that the committee “will examine how consolidation in the live entertainment and ticketing industries harms customers and artists alike.” It’s also been reported that while in the hearing, Klobuchar has been referencing Swift’s lyrics, specifically “All Too Well.” Yes, a U.S. senator is reciting Swift lyrics in a committee hearing that has come about surrounding issues with buying concert tickets. 

It’s uncertain what’s going to come from the hearing, but in general, the Senate is set to investigate if the incident has “harmed consumers by stifling competition.” There is still much to be said about the lawsuits that fans have taken out on Ticketmaster, but it’s still a little too early to know what’s going to happen.

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