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You’ve probably heard by now, but presale tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour have officially been released. Well, sort of: There’s a long list of steps that potential ticket buyers had to complete to gain access to the exclusive ticketing portal on Ticketmaster. Long story short, Swifties had to go through hell and back to even be considered eligible to engage in the presale period, and many weren’t even able to purchase their tickets. 

We all should have expected this, to be completely honest. it’s the first time Swift is hitting the road since her Reputation tour, and we all know she’s a fabulous performer. Nevertheless, some fans were promised spots in the prestigious presale ticketing period after either owning a Capital One card or becoming a Ticketmaster official fan, receiving an email confirming their status, and then obtaining an additional presale code delivered via SMS. 

However, many fans haven’t been receiving their official codes that they need to access the presale site on Ticketmaster, which is a whole debacle in itself. For fans who have been able to input their codes successfully, some have been met with extremely long queues in which they have to wait their turn in line to even just view tickets. For the select group that has been able to access their venue’s seating charts and tickets, they’ve been kicked out after adding selections to their carts, forcing them to completely start over! Ticketmaster also sent an email out to West Coast ticket buyers informing them that their presale was moved to 3 p.m. PST on Nov. 15.

Many have attributed these issues as a problem with the Ticketmaster site, but either way, Swifties are frustrated by the entire Eras Tour presale fiasco. Here are 15 of the best (and most frustrated) fan reactions on Twitter about the whole experience. 

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