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kwame\'s sister barbara love is blind season 4
kwame\'s sister barbara love is blind season 4
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Kwame’s Sister Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of ‘LIB’

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 follow. Season 4 of Love Is Blind has officially come to a close. Now that the final episodes have finally dropped, and we’ve seen who out of the engaged couples actually tied the knot, the internet has much to say. And while the finale episodes were full of drama, there was a bright spot that appeared to give the show a (much needed, IMHO) boost of serotonin: Kwame’s sister, Barbara.

Kwame and his fiancé Chelsea had a tumultuous run on the show. First, the two were involved in a love triangle when Kwame was dating both Chelsea and Micah. After Micah dumped Kwame to be with Paul, Kwame decided to strengthen his connection with Chelsea, eventually proposing to her. The couple had instant chemistry, but the butterflies didn’t last long: As soon as the two got to their honeymoon, and Kwame and Micah reunited face-to-face, things got a little messy (and a lot flirty). Micah flirted with Kwame in front of Chelsea, and Kwame didn’t exactly put an end to it either. Then, at Chelsea’s birthday party (AKA, the infamous Episode 8), Kwame admitted to Micah that he still had feelings for her… at his fiancé’s birthday party. Yikes.

So, I’m sure many fans would agree with me when I say that things weren’t looking too optimistic as we headed into the couple’s wedding. However, once Kwame’s sister entered the picture, I literally forgot every negative thought I was having about the wedding. This girl is a total ray of sunshine.

Kwame’s family was (TBH, understandably) not supportive of his wedding to Chelsea. However, his younger siblings Barbara and Jerry attended the day with big smiles and a ton of support. Clad in a gorgeous bright orange gown, Barbara eased her brother’s stress through light-hearted jokes and saying things like, “I can’t be mom, but mom loves you,” and “You’re going to do great, you’re going to be a good husband — make us proud, OK?”

Perhaps the sweetest moment is when she gives Chelsea a traditional kente cloth purse before she walked down the aisle. “This is really the women in our culture, they put this together,” Barbara said to Chelsea. “And it’s the kente cloth, so you have a piece of Ghana with you.”

Will Kwame and Chelsea did end up saying “I do?” We won’t know their true fate until the finale and the live reunion airing on April 17. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping Kwame’s sister makes an appearance at some point. Netflix, we’re begging you!

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