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What To Do If You’re Still Waiting On Your ‘Eras Tour’ Presale Code

The games have officially begun: Tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour are finally available. Well, the presale period for ticket buying has opened, and the purchasing experience is already proving to be a little confusing. The already muddled Capital One cardholder early exclusive presale period had Swifities searching for ways to get their hands on these early tickets, or at least to have a fighting chance at snagging up a ticket.

Still, even those who have been selected to have exclusive access to these early presale tickets are struggling with the whole process. Problems like not receiving an official email from Ticketmaster, to not being sent their official codes to acquire the presale portal has swiftly arisen. And one thing is for sure: You need that presale code if you even want to think about seeing these tickets. So… what should you do if you didn’t get your Eras Tour presale code yet? 

Make sure you are eligible for this period of Eras presale.

First things first, you’ll want to make sure you’re actually in the running to have access to these official presale tickets. If you didn’t already register for a Capital One card or register yourself as a verified fan on Ticketmaster, I have some bad news for you, bestie. You’re not eligible to indulge in this presale period. However, you can still buy tickets when they open up to the general public on Nov. 18 at 10 a.m.

Confirm you received an official email about your presale status.

Another hard reality of this whole Eras presale debacle is that even if you had a Capital One card or registered yourself as a Ticketmaster verified fan, you were not guaranteed early access to the tickets on Nov. 14. If you were randomly selected, you would have received an official email from Ticketmaster that states you will later on receive an SMS access code that will allow you to access the exclusive ticket purchase portal. Make sure to check all of your inboxes (Junk, Spam, etc.) to ensure that you’re not just missing your confirmation email. If you didn’t receive confirmation of your presale status quite yet, hold out, because an email may be coming to you soon informing you you’re on the waitlist. 

What if you still haven’t gotten an SMS code?

Don’t panic if you haven’t received your presale access code via SMS: This has been happening for many users. A Swiftie took to TikTok where they explained that no matter what time you receive your code, it will not impact the order that you’re admitted to the presale exclusive waiting room. With direct advice from Ticketmaster themselves, the same user urged fans to call the ticketing service, where they’ll be able to give you your personal code after providing them with your email address. 

Swifties have continued to swarm TikTok and Twitter to explain their frustrations with the presale process. Though some fans have gained access to their codes, waited their allotted time in the “waiting room,” and even added tickets to their carts, they’re being kicked out of Ticketmaster altogether, being forced back into the long line of waiting fans. For some, they are unable to get past the initial first steps as their official presale codes aren’t even working! 

One thing is for sure in this entire Eras tour Ticketmaster experience: Swift has some of the most loyal fans in the game, and they’d do almost anything to see the superstar in person. Take it from someone who has seen Swift live, if you do get tickets, you will not be disappointed. I urge you Swifties to stay strong, and to “breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out.”

McKinley Franklin is a writer and recent college graduate from East Carolina University. She was Her Campus' fall 2022 entertainment and culture intern and is a current national writer. McKinley specializes in entertainment coverage, though her favorite niche of the industry is reality television.